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Source: Small Island Developing States

23 September 2019: In advance of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit, the UNFCCC relaunched the Global Climate Action portal with country profile pages and an interactive map. To date, the portal showcases over 22,471 climate commitments from 14,539 actors across all sectors of society.

The website features new country profile pages that bring together climate actions by companies, organizations, cities and regions with governments’ national climate action plans. Governments’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and, where applicable, Long Term Climate Action Strategies are positioned alongside the commitments of non-Party stakeholders that are headquartered or located in that country. This feature aims to facilitate a picture of national-level climate action.

As of 23 September, the Portal featured 22,471 actions from 175 countries, 9,465 cities, 279 regions, 2,688 companies, 955 investors, 977 organizations and 121 cooperation initiatives. The majority of commitments focus on emission reductions, which comprise 59% of all actions. Other actions include bonds insurance (14%) and carbon pricing (14%), renewable energy (10%), energy efficiency (3%) and resource consumption (1%). Seventy-four percent of actions are through 2020, compared to 9% of actions that go beyond 2030.

The UNFCCC plans to update the portal with initiatives presented at the Climate Action Summit on 23 September by launching a dedicated “summit page.” In the future, the website will track progress on the commitments to support implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change post-2020 and towards the global stocktake (GST) in 2023.

The UNFCCC launched a revamped version of the Climate Action Portal during the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in September 2018. The website was originally called the ‘NAZCA Portal,’ named after the ancient lines in Peru and launched during the Lima Climate Change Conference in 2014. The website was then enshrined in the Paris Agreement as the official portal to showcase contributions of non-Party stakeholders. [Global Climate Action Website] [UNFCCC Press Release] [SDG Knowledge Hub Story on 2018 Relaunch] [SDG Knowledge Hub Story on Climate Action Summit]

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