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Source: Central Bank of the Russian Federation in English

Starting 24 September 2019, not only organised groups but also individuals will be able to sign up for an excursion at the Bank of Russia Museum. From now on, the exposition will also be open to visitors on Saturdays and during evening hours on business days. All excursions are free of charge.
Bank of Russia employees have prepared eight unique excursions for adults and children. Adult visitors can see such exhibitions as ‘The Russian ruble: history milestones’, ‘Gold: coins and treasures’, ‘Paper money: from the first notes to the banknotes of today’, ‘How money is stored: from treasures to bank deposits’, ‘Money life cycle: manufacture, circulation, utilisation’. Children are invited to visit the following exhibitions: ‘What do I know about money?’ (1-4th year), ‘Banknotes under a microscope, or How to tell if a banknote is fake’ (5-6th year), ‘Where does money come from?’ (7-9th year). A special programme has been developed for schoolchildren: they will be able to create their own banknote, learn how to use an abacus, watch coins minted using a real press, and learn the basics of financial literacy in the form a game.  
The museum currently holds two permanent exhibitions dedicated to the Russian monetary system and the history of the Bank of Russia. The museum fund has over 17,000 items, including commemorative coins, gold bullions, old paper money and banknotes. Visitors will be able to see coins weighing over 5 kilograms and less than one gram, a banknote which was once worth a street; they will learn why banknotes were set on fire in Saint Petersburg, which monetary present weighed over two tonnes, and many other things.
This year, the Bank of Russia Museum participated in the ‘Museums. Parks. Manors’ olympiad.
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24 September 2019


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