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The most amazing reading rooms of the capital for the most enthusiastic Muscovites — the selection

The last time the word “library” has ceased to be associated with the typical halls and the iron rule not to make noise. This is due to the fact that many of Moscow’s reading room literally transformed: their base is, as before, a solid book funds, but the place to interact with that content today is a versatile, high-tech and vibrant space where everyone can find something interesting and meet like-minded people. ‘ve compiled a brief guide to some of the most extraordinary libraries of the capital.

Is The Library “Sky”

The Central library No. 70 name of M. A. Sholokhov in the Transfiguration area called “the library high flight”: during implementation of the project “points of growth” it was converted, making the Central theme space theme of aviation. Thematic Fund includes both technical and scientific literature, which you can use to get acquainted with the specifics of the professions of the pilot and aircraft designer, and art books, the main character take to the skies.

Place in the reading rooms there was even space for the apparatus power supply and flight simulators, one of which works in a real cockpit of a Yak-40. In addition, there can be read, sitting in a real aircraft chair, and to consider the models of various aircraft.

In the halls of the library bookstore regularly hosts temporary exhibitions on aviation subjects, and in the lobby there are two permanent book-illustrative exposition of the Central Museum of the Russian aircraft Corporation “MiG”. In the club with the library organized activities for school children aged 10-16 years in aeromodelling.

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Is the library “Graphic history”

In February of 2018 in the Northern Tushino opened the updated library # 227 — and was pleasantly surprised residents of the area, especially school children and youth: her collection has expanded fond of graphic literature — comics. It has over 770 copies. Here you can create your own comic on a special graphics tablet.

The design of the library follows the theme: posters with fragments of comic book embellished the ends of the bookshelves, walls and front window. In the youth area, decorated in the style of pop art, and the geek site regularly lectures on comics, master classes of contemporary artists, presentations, graphic novels, film screenings and games store. In addition, when the library is open Studio “Manga” drawing manga — Japanese comics.

In addition to the Fund of graphic literature, the library has a book collection, including 40 thousand books, a collection of Board games, vinyl area, in which you can overwrite a fragment of a vinyl record to digital media, and more.

Library Technoscience

Library No. 240 in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki is a great place for those who are passionate about IT: in science and technology, sci-Fi foundations are publications on high technologies, while library scientists and popularizers of science — regularly here lectures, master classes, workshops, and science battle. The main topics of these meetings — the Internet of things, additive technologies (3D printing), big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and special effects in art, movies and games.

The volume of book Fund of library is more than 30 thousand units. On the shelves of the Foundation of science-fiction literature “Reading the future” the books are arranged in a particular order — at the time of implementation of the inventions predicted by the domestic and foreign writers. The Foundation’s “100 books Technoscience” are publications devoted to leading scientific and technological discoveries and their integration into everyday life.

The walls of the reading room, where you can see the books of the Fund, designed information banners “Fantasy became reality” and “Future technologies”. And computer class, which also are classes for different age groups, with new equipment.


Updated library No. 197 named after A. A. Akhmatova was opened in Krylatskoye year ago. This is the first urban smart library: there’s a co-working space with Wi-Fi and gadgets to search for necessary information, a multipurpose hall, Studio production video content and VR-zone “of Akhmatova’s balcony”, where the biography and work of the legendary poet, you can get acquainted with the help of virtual reality technology.

The art library space designed to host art exhibitions. It also has a design Studio and print workshop where you can design your own layout of the book and print it, knowledge laboratory with 30 seats for lessons and lectures, an educational centre with five rooms for lessons on robotics, programming and other disciplines, and the early development center for children.

Visitors of the electronic reading room have access to round the clock knigomania with the help of which they can return library books at any time of the day. And you do not even need to go to the library: the reader can leave the book in the terminal of the return of books at the entrance, the bar code of the publication considers a special device, and the system will automatically copy it with your library card.

Multimedia access point helps to answer the queries of users as quickly as possible. Station self collection and return of books are based on radio frequency identification (RFID).

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Library-media center “Argonauta”

Media center, which in the year 2017 has become a library No. 67 on Argunovskaya street, is the flagship project of the libraries of the North-East. The two-storey building, renovated in the years 2014-2016, is located in the Ostankino district.

In addition to modern reading rooms, the “Argonaut” is spacious and bright coworking, conference room for 45 persons, a discussion platform, children’s games, and 11 jobs with computers. The library often hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists.

It also has a self-service station with which the user can take the necessary publication, without referring to the librarian. To obtain books, you need to make the bar code a single library card to the reader. Paper the library Fund contains more than 23 thousand books.

Design library

Library No. 95, converted in cooperation with the club of industrial designers, has opened in the area Novogireevo last summer. Club members, professional designers, developed and implemented the new look of the reading room that corresponds to the latest trends in interior design. Everything here — from tables and shelves to lamps and mannequins — made by Moscow designers.

Due to the fact that here is the headquarters of the Club of industrial designers, the library regularly held educational events about design, fashion and art, lectures by leading industry experts, presentations of books for designers and so on.

Novice designers are visitors to library number 95 is an open-air workshop. It has everything you need to make a prototype of the conceived product, photograph it and put in the organized here the showroom of the club of industrial designers.

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Library № 18 named after V. A. Zhukovsky, which last year launched this theater project, is situated in the Basmanny district, in Lyalinov lane — hence the catchy name. “Lyalin center” is a library and platform for young theatre groups and children’s theatres. Here they have the opportunity to realize their creative ideas and Express themselves.

Theatrical stage side by side with a uniquely themed collection of books, where you can find rare books on scenic art. Many of them budding actors, Directors and playwrights for admission in the universities of the capital. The entire thematic Fund is available in the theater and cinema.

To replenish the Fund, “Lyalin-center” books and magazines about art everyone: the summer of 2018 the library began a campaign “give the city a book about theatre and cinema”. The reading room takes participants not only paper publications, but also thematic media content.

Learn more about scenic art, visitors to the library can also on thematic lectures, educational courses, workshops and film screenings, which are held regularly at this site.

Is The Library “Image”

Another reading room, created for art lovers, this time is fine, works in Schukin. After updating the library No. 243 there was an art workshop and a literary lounge, and the funds were supplemented by material on the painting, sculpture, photography and cinema. The thematic Fund represented about two thousand publications.

In the art workshop conducted Studio classes in painting, drawing and other fine arts. There’s also a camera Museum — vintage photographic equipment, which Muscovites donated to the library. The visitors can also green screen, against which it is possible to make the experimental images with the combination of several objects or your own photo or video to social media’s Instagram and YouTube.

In literary exhibitions organized jointly with the “Multimedia art Museum”, as well as educational lectures, master classes and performances.

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