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Design decision

A pedestrian route will run on the supporting structure in the form of infinity sign.

At ENEA began the construction of the “möbius Strip”. This landscape attraction, which is a continuous walking route, stretching over the supporting structure in the form of infinity sign.

“The Mobius” will be located in the area of landscape Park “cultivated Nature”. The length of the route is about 300 meters, and the height of the structure is about eight feet.

Specialists will prepare the Foundation, and then set its metal frame, the facades of which are also made of metal panels. In addition, the attraction will decorate architectural lighting.

Surround “Mobius Strip” will be a garden of the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste). In the garden of the touch planted pine. Visitors will experience a pleasant tactile sensation, touching the needles and the bark of trees. In the garden of sounds will grow Linden, birch and poplar. Here guests will hear the noise of leaves and the rustling grasses.

Dive into the world of fragrances, the citizens will in the garden of smells. In early spring it will be the sweet fragrance of daffodils and Muscari, from late spring to autumn — English grey, rose rugosa and ptelea a three, and after the fall bloom Hamamelis virginiana. The garden also planted a Japanese baranik.

In the garden of flavors, VDNKH visitors will find fruit bushes, among them Aronia, blueberry, gooseberry, black and red currant. Also there will be herbs. In the garden of visual perceptions are the composition of the perennials. In early spring you can see flowering bulbous plants, and in winter enjoy the view of grass.

Work on the creation of the attraction will be completed in 2020.

The Mobius strip is named for German astronomer, mathematician and mechanic. According to the legend, August Ferdinand Mobius discovered it after the servant girl sewed a cloth ribbon in a ring, inadvertently turning one of its ends. The image of a möbius strip was used by many artists, writers, sculptors and filmmakers.

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