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Source: Australia Government Ministerial Statements

Media release

Media release

26 September 2019

I have today begun a series of high level industry briefings to both challenge and work with Australia’s leading recyclers to achieve the earliest possible time frame in banning the export of waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres.

The Morrison Government is determined to reduce waste and to increase Australia’s recycling capacity to generate high value recycled commodities and associated demand.

The Prime Minister has agreed with all State and Territory governments that a ban will be put in place and we want to establish a clear timetable and clear strategic priorities by working with both industry and the State Environment Ministers.

The days of allowing plastic waste to gather in our oceans and landfills, or to be palmed off overseas are over.

A ban on plastic exports should not lead to higher levels of stockpiling in Australia and I will be challenging all parties, the States, the industry participants and the community to embark on genuine change in tackling waste.

Today I met with the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association Australia and their leading industry representatives to make clear the Government’s commitment.

What is clear is that the ideas are certainly there but we need consistency across states,  we need to give industry the confidence to invest in recycling and remanufacturing and an assurance that markets are being created for their products.

We also need consumers to be confident about what they can recycle.

Minister for the Environment