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Source: Government of Ukraine

Today, September 25, the Government approved amendments to the Law “On Voluntary Association of Territorial Communities”, which allow territorial communities to independently develop their prospective plans.

The bill offers the following:

– to supplement the list of conditions of voluntary association of territorial communities with a requirement to carry out this process in accordance with the prospective plans of formation of territories of communities in the regions of Ukraine;

– to simplify the mechanism of approval of prospective plans for the formation of territories of communities by excluding the stage of their approval by the respective regional councils.


As of September 20, 2019, through the blockage at the regional level of the process of development and/or approval of prospective plans, a perspective plan for the formation of territories of communities in the Zakarpattia region hasn’t been drafted. Among other regions, less than 40% of the territory of Odesa region, slightly more than 54% of Kyiv region, 76% of Vinnytsia region, and almost 75% of Cherkasy region have drafted and approved the prospective plans for forming territories of the communities.

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