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“To the stars”. Director James Gray. 2019

In the collection five great films to watch in the next weekend.

In rolling out the drama-Protocol Lea seydoux, a space Odyssey with brad pitt, the debut film of Dmitry walkowicz’s and a great documentary tribute to Anton Elchina. And action, in which Alexander Petrov played the role of a first-class spy.

“To the stars” Director James gray (2019). China, Brazil, USA

Distant future, humans have mastered space, built colonies on Mars and flying to the moon. Neptune comes from the dangerous radiation that threatens to destroy all life. Engineer army corps of Roy McBride (brad pitt) is sent on a space mission. It needs to land on the moon, getting to Mars and to send a message to the project “Lima” to prevent the destruction of mankind. 16 years ago his father, astronaut Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones) worked on this project and disappeared. So the hero not only saves people, but also hopes to meet with his father, who is quite possibly still alive.

A frequenter of the Cannes film festival, James gray this year showed the film in Venice. The Director again turned to the important subject of the relationship between fathers and children, only this time I turned it into a cosmic scale. The viewer “To the stars” is something to think about and there is something to see: stunning special effects, space pirates, a beautiful love story and a great game brad pitt.

“My God!” Director Arnaud Desplechin (2019). France

French police Commissioner to Yakoy Dowd (Roshdy ZEM) working in one of the poorest regions of the country. In the commune of Roubaix poverty, robbery, violence and murder have become the norm. But Dowd not giving up and continuing a systematic struggle with a seemingly ineradicable evil. He gets a murder case of an elderly woman, and he almost immediately finds a suspect. Two local girls, played by Lea seydoux and Sara Forestier. Begins a detailed investigation, in which the Director immerses the viewer with his head. We see all the details of the interrogation, inquiry, investigative experiment, and so on. In fact, the drama Protocol, sometimes resembling a documentary.

Like many of the previous work of Arnaud Desplechin, “my God!” was nominated for the Palme d’or. And, like all previous, received the prize. However, the difference between the new film from its predecessors is huge. Instead of refined storytelling, laced with eccentricity, dry Protocol, instead of the beautiful pictures — shaky camera. By the way, to bring the film to the documentary, the Director along with star actors engaged non-professionals.

“Ivanov” Director Dmitry Falkovich (2018). Russia

Dmitry Falkovich debut, proving by their example that the first film of any Director shoots about yourself. As he Falkovich, the main character of his “Ivanov” is engaged in investments and in business came from science. Moreover, it plays a businessman Ivanov the Director himself. It is not accidentally broke the screen a naive desire to talk about himself, but a conscious step — rebounding from his profession as from familiar material, the Director (also the writer) could come up with a story that is simultaneously fantastic and believable.

However, the story here is not so important, it fits in one sentence: the businessman who got on the pencil to the investigating authorities, casts a settled life in snowy Moscow and runs into Sunny spring Kiev, where he was waiting for adventures of varying degrees of absurdity. But the main thing — cinematic language, from the first minute forcing to love a hero with glasses who looks at everything through the eyes of a child, and really good humor.

By the way, Falkovich is not the only non-professional actor, starring in the movie, but suspect it’s impossible. According to him, work with Amateurs it turned out to be easier, so in the end, in “Ivanov” there is one actress Olga Bondareva, who played the wife of the protagonist.

Anton Yelchin during his short acting career has worked in more than 60 projects. In 2016 at the age of 27 he was killed in an accident. Garrett Price made a documentary dedicated to the memory of the actor. We had a sad but inspiring and profoundly touching portrait. The film includes excerpts from an interview with Anton, home Elcanah chronicle, memories of parents, friends and colleagues. Appear in the frame Nicolas cage, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Willem Dafoe, J. J. Abrams, Simon Pegg and many others. Despite his young age, Anthony was for colleagues by example, he never did yourself any favors, thoroughly versed in his character and had the childish curiosity that most people lose with age. Yelchin not only starred in the movie, he took pictures, played guitar, sang, And he was a wonderful son. In childhood, every day he wrote mom cards and signed them is always the same: “love, Anton”.

“Hero” Director Karen Oganesyan (2019). Russia

15 years ago Andrew (Alexander Petrov) under the guidance of his father, Colonel Motherland (Vladimir Mashkov), trained in the secret school of the foreign intelligence Service. He learned to kill, to watch, to cover his tracks and not get lost in dangerous situations. But the program turned, and Andrew were in Europe, where he tried to forget the past and start a new life. However, the past not forgotten about him: once he calls the father, who was believed dead, and says that Andrew opened to hunting. Alexander Petrov tries on the new role of the superspy, the company he was Svetlana Khodchenkova.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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