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The most anticipated premiere of the beginning of the theatrical season — in the material

The Bolshoi theatre working on a new “Giselle”, “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky” large — scale project of Boris Yukhananov, and Dmitry Krymov rehearsing “Boris Godunov” in The Museum Of Moscow.

“Skid”. “The practice”

Date: 29 and 30 September on 30 and 31 October, 1 November

Time: 20:00

Address: Bolshoi kozikhinskiy pereulok, 3

Play “Drift” a teacher of the School-Studio of MKHAT Yuri Kwiatkowski before the premiere was included in the program of the first international festival-workshop of Dmitry Brusnikina Brusfest, which starts on 8 November.

In the heart of the play — the same play-dystopia Vladimir Sorokin, written in 2009. The main characters — the members of high society — face with some terrible force that breaks into their safe and comfortable life and turns it into a nightmare. As always Sorokina, at the forefront demonstrirovalsya language. Scary, strange speech becomes one of the main characters.

In the play play Kwiatkowski Andrei Fomin, Nikolai Fomenko, Maxim Vitorgan and artists “Workshop Brusnikina“Peter Scorzo, Gladstone Mahib, Aristocratic Anastasia, Denis Jasiek and others.

Brusfest: the capital will host a festival-workshop of Dmitry Brusnikina

“Boris”. The Museum Of Moscow

Date: 10-17 October

Time: 19:00

Address: Zubovsky Boulevard, building 2

The Museum Of Moscow again it will be a theatrical Playground. Eight nights in a row will go here the new production of Dmitry Krymov “Boris” based on a historical drama by Pushkin. For the Director this is the first experience of creating a performance in the Museum space and work with objects from the Museum collection as props. The idea belongs to the Artist — once upon a time, before the relocation of the Museum of Moscow in these walls, he had been in Food warehouses and was impressed from this place. Puddle of engine oil from the cars of the General staff, which was located here for many years, in the artist’s imagination turned into a puddle of blood, and the Association with blood-the time of Troubles not long in coming.

The title role will be played by the winner of the award “Nika” Timofey Tribunal (“Elimination”, “Quiet don”, “Method”, “the Monk and the demon”). Also involved academic choir of veterans “moskvoreche.” The producer of the performance became Leonid Roberman, not for the first time working with Krymov. Their last co-production, “Bride” in the “School of dramatic art”, received the award “crystal Turandot” for best Director and best actress.

“Notes Of Black Sea”. Center of drama and directing

Date: 12 Oct

Time: 12:00

Address: Begovaya street, building 5

A two-time winner of the award “the gold mask” Director Vyacheslav Ignatov took as the basis of setting the story “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. Together with actor Sergei Melkonyan and by the only role he created fantasy play about how the villain Chernomor survived the rest of the characters of Pushkin’s poem, ceased to cast spells and thinking about his past actions.

“They call me Papa”. Director Vladimir Pankov — on work with youth and successLaboratory work. What is theatre “Center of dramaturgy and direction”

NIRVANA. “Modern”

Date: 17 Oct

Time: 19:00

Address: Spartakovskaya square, 9/1

Artistic Director “Modern” Yuri Grymov again — 15 years later — addressed to the figure of Kurt Cobain. Play Nirvana from which, the theater began a new season — a new edition of his old productions at the Mayakovsky Theater. The main role then played rock-musician Nike Borzov — a fan of Nirvana and its frontman. This time, Kurt Cobain was reincarnated not as a musician, but the young actor Bogdan Schukin, who was in the troupe of “Modern” only in this year.

Those who saw the old show, hardly recognized him: it changed everything — from text, to set design. Spectators wait for a giant Mickey Mouse, baby Frances Cobain of soap suds, as well as music Nirvana, The Doors, Michael Jackson and other legendary groups and musicians.

“Octavia. Trepanation”. “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky”

Date: 17 Oct

Time: 20:00

Address: Tverskaya street, house 23

World premiere Opera composer Dmitry Courland and Director Boris Yukhananov held in 2017 in Amsterdam at the Holland Festival. The Russian premiere will take place during the international festival-school “Territory”.

The main themes of the play — violence and tyranny — embodied in the images of the Roman, Soviet and Chinese empires. Responsible for the set design, art Director “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky” and Moscow design Museum Stepan Lukyanov. He came up with a set to stage a huge head of Lenin, which reveals, as if in the process of trepanation. Costumes created by the winner of the award “the gold mask” the main artist of the theatre Anastasia Nefedova.

First anniversary and 11 Prime. “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky” announced the plans for the new seasonPerformances TV shows, rare films and books. What is “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky”

“Dangerous liaisons”. School of dramatic art

Date: October 18-20, 29 and 30 November

Time: 19:00

Address: Sretenka street, the house 19

Honored artist of Russia Igor Yatsko will take to the stage “Dangerous liaisons” one of the best French novels of the eighteenth century and the only major work of the inventor, General and writer, Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. The author, following the popular literary technique of his time, argued that the letters that comprise his work, is absolutely genuine, and he just edited them a bit.

Frivolous novel about unbridled entertainment of the nobility on the eve of the French revolution were made into movies — the most famous version created Roger Vadim and Milos Forman. And Director Roger Kambi in 1999 moved the plot from the world of French marquises and counts in the world of contemporary new York Golden youth (the crying game). What version of Igor Yatsko, has not yet been disclosed but it is known that he took the play of English playwright Christopher HAMPTON, filmed in 1988 by Steven Frieze.

“Not Anna Karenina.” “ApARTe”

Date: October 20,

Time: 19:00

Address: ulitsa Alexander Solzhenitsyn, building 17, building 5

Gleb Cherepanov is preparing a free interpretation of the novel by Leo Tolstoy in “ApARTe”. The Director transfers the Anna Karenina in our days fantasizing about what she would do if she were our contemporary, what would its accounts in popular social networks. Tolstoy’s text is interwoven with excerpts of the most famous plays about the freedom of women in marriage — “a Doll’s house” Henrik Ibsen and “the Storm” by Alexander Ostrovsky, as well as “the saddest story in the world” by William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”.

“Not Anna Karenina” and performance on “the Autumn marathon”. Theatre “ApARTe” announced plans for the season“Apartment” means “for the viewer.” How one of the youngest theatres of Moscow

Gleb Cherepanov creates performances in many theaters of Moscow. Several years ago he received the award of Oleg Tabakov: his production of “the incredible journey of Edward rabbit” was the best directorial debut on the stage Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov. And last season he turned to Soviet science fiction by putting “The hyperboloid of engineer Garin” in the theater “Sphere”.

“La Traviata”. “Helikon-Opera”

Date: 22 Oct

Time: 19:00

Address: Bolshaya Nikitskaya street 19/16

In “Helikon-Opera” prepare for the premiere of one of the most famous operas by Giuseppe Verdi based on the play “the lady of the camellias” by Alexandre Dumas (son). The team that works on the production, consists entirely of famous artists: Director — artistic Director Dmitry Bertman, the artist — the deserved artist of Russia Igor Nezhny and the conductor — people’s artist of Russia Alexander Sladkovsky.

The first show “La Traviata” in 1853 at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice failed. As it turned out, the Venetian public was not ready for the “too modern” characters in the scene. A year later Verdi had amended the Opera. And then the audience took the play to cheer.

“Mr. Georg OTS” and bouffe Noire by Hindemith. “Helikon-Opera” have announced plans for the season

“Pinocchio”. “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky”

Date: 21 and 23 November 13 and December 17, 23 and 25 January, 14 and 17 March (the first part), 22 and 24 November 14 and December 18, 24 and 26 January, 15 and March 18 (second part)

Time: 19:00

Address: Tverskaya street, house 23

Boris juhananov has long been preparing its new ambitious project — mystery “Pinocchio” consisting of performances of “Pinocchio. Forest” and “Pinocchio. The theatre”. Fans of the masters to come soon — for the first time both performances will be shown at festival NET.

“Pinocchio” will continue a fabulous line that started with “the Blue bird” and series “Surlice”. Busy in the performances of nearly all of the troupe and choir, led by Arina Zvereva. Also in the team was the composer Dmitri kourliandski, artistic Anastasia Nefedova and choreographer Andrey Kuznetsov-Vecheslov.

First anniversary and 11 Prime. “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky” announced the plans for the new season

“Giselle.” The Bolshoi theatre

Date: 21-24 November

Time: 19:00

Address: Teatralnaya square, 1

Beautiful and terrible story of love and madness to the music of Adolphe Adam in The Bolshoi theatre will present the artistic Director of ballet Alexei Ratmansky. This is an updated version of the play, which has a rich history at the Bolshoi. Since 1944, Giselle was here almost without a break. Then the choreography put the people’s artist of the USSR Leonid Lavrovsky. Then, in 1987, a fresh edition did Yuri Grigorovich.

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