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Source: Government of Finland
Prime Minister Antti Rinne has appointed a Management Group for Finland Promotion Board for a term from 1 September 2019 to 31 December 2023.The Management Group of Finland Promotion Board coordinates country image work in Finland and comments on matters relating to the country image. It guides the planning of common tools for country image communications, and collects and utilises research data related to Finland’s country image. Every year it prepares a thematic calendar to support the country image work carried out by the network of Finnish missions, among other operators. Finland’s strategy for country image work was adopted in 2017.“A Finland known around the world for its true strengths makes things easier for all those who work to uphold Finland’s international connections. Our goal is to boost Finland’s position in the world by efficient and coordinated country image work,” says Paula Parviainen, Acting Director General of Communications at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and chair of the Finland Promotion Board.Country image work supports Finland’s political, commercial and economic influence. It plays a key role in attracting international talents, investments and tourists to Finland. Country image work is also an important element of the Team Finland network, which supports the internationalisation and export promotion of Finnish companies.“There is a lot of interest in Finland at the moment, and we want to put it to good use and highlight different aspects of Finland, in addition to just answering the usual questions about our education system or happiness ratings. We want to depict Finland as an open, caring and efficient country where competitiveness is based on a high level of skills, sustainable development and on working together. It is also important to carry on with the Nordic story,” Parviainen says.Finland’s country image work is a networking effort of public and private sector actors. The members of Finland Promotion Board are:Paula Parviainen, Acting Director General of Communications, Ministry for Foreign AffairsMikko Koivumaa, Director of Communications, Ministry of Economic Affairs and EmploymentPäivi Anttikoski, Director of Government Communications, Prime Minister’s OfficeLaura Kamras, Director of the Unit for Public Diplomacy, Ministry for Foreign AffairsJaana Palojärvi, Director of International Relations, Ministry of Education and CultureTomi Korhonen, Executive Director of Communications, Business FinlandPaavo Virkkunen, Director, Visit FinlandOlli-Pekka Heinonen, Director-General, Finnish National Agency for EducationTove Ekman, Director, Finnish Cultural and Academic InstitutesLiisa Kivelä, Communications Director, City of HelsinkiSanna Tarssanen, Managing Director, House of LaplandAtte Palomäki, Executive Vice President, WärtsiläJohanna Jäkälä, Chief Marketing Officer, FinnairVeera Heinonen, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, SitraMari-Kaisa Brander, Director of Communications, Ministry of Education and CultureKaisa Rönkkö, Executive Director, Music Finland, andMikko Keränen, Vice President of Marketing, IceyeInquiries: Paula Parviainen, Acting Director General of Communications, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358 295 350 425, and Laura Kamras, Director of the Unit for Public Diplomacy, tel. +358 295 351 558.The email addresses of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are in the format [email protected]

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