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Source: Republic of Greece – Foreign Affairs

“It is a great honour to be addressing all of you who live in, serve and contribute to the prosperity and constant progress of this great country – the United States of America – while also keeping alive the ties with our roots, Cyprus and Greece.

I would like to assure you, from my heart, that Greece – fully and absolutely in coordination with the Republic of Cyprus – will continue to make every possible effort to end the illegal Turkish occupation of Cyprus.

The achievement of a mutually acceptable, just, viable and comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem remains a priority for the Mitsotakis government and Hellenism as whole. A solution based on the resolutions of the UN Security Council and in line with the European acquis, the principles and values of the European Union.

Our goal, my dear friends, is a solution that guarantees the withdrawal of all Turkish occupation forces. A solution that ensures Cyprus is freed of what the UN Secretary General himself called the anachronistic and unsustainable system of guarantees and rights of intervention of the 1960s.

The reopening and successful conclusion of the negotiations at the soonest possible time, under the auspices of the UN, is one of our government’s top priorities. This is Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ message to all of our interlocutors here in New York, in all of the meetings on the margins of the 74th UN General Assembly.

It is particularly unfortunate that this visit is taking place while Turkey is carrying out illegal survey and drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean. Activities that violate the sovereignty and sovereign rights of Cyprus, accompanied by aggressive rhetoric, provocations in the fenced off area of Varosha, ongoing violations of the ceasefire line, and promotion of extreme terms and conditions for the reopening of the negotiations.

Greece is very familiar with this dangerous and illegal conduct on the part of Turkey, because we are seeing the same or similar conduct in the Aegean, along with provocative actions. We consider Turkey’s conduct to be completely and utterly unacceptable. It is violating international law, flouting the principle of good neighbourly relations, and undermining the efforts of the UN Secretary General.

I expect that the U.S., in particular, showing a heightened sense of responsibility, will persuade Turkey to respect international law and act accordingly.

I am convinced that the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations and each of its local organizations throughout America will contribute substantially to this effort.

You have my heartfelt thanks for this invitation and the opportunity to address you today. I would like to take this opportunity, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to applaud those being honoured at this year’s annual dinner, Dr. Symeon Symeonidis and Mr. Peter Kakogiannis. My dear friends, allow me once again to express my heartfelt greetings and to promise, Mr. President, what all Greeks throughout the world already know: that the Greek government, the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, will stand by you in the effort to restore the national rights of Hellenism.

Thank you very much.”

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