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Source: Taxpayers Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on the Prime Minister to censure controversial Minister Shane Jones following his comments exposed earlier today by the NZ Herald’s David Fisher.Reacting to the Herald piece, Taxpayers’ Union Spokesman Jordan Williams said:“This is truely banana republic stuff.  A Minister telling an industry sector that they need to pony up with support, or else lose taxpayer funded lavish.””It is shocking, and belongs in Namibia, not New Zealand.”“Even for Shane Jones this is breathtakingly shameless.  This not only sours the reputation of the current Government, it sours the reputation of our whole political establishment.  It is porkbarrel politics in its true meaning.”“Taxpayers are relying on the Prime Minister to prevent Shane Jones dragging us down the transparency indexes.  Now is the time for her to show whether she demands western democracy standards of her Ministers, or whether her junior coalition partner wields the true power and can do what they like with public funds.”

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