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Source: Scottish Greens

Thu 26 Sep, 2019

The Prime Minister’s comments in the House of Commons last night that the best way to remember Jo Cox was to “get Brexit done,” sums up his callous disregard for decency, and is just the latest example of why he is unfit to hold high office, according to the Scottish Greens Co-Leader Lorna Slater.

Ms Slater, who has committed herself to improving the representation of women in politics since being elected Co-Leader this summer, says that the hostile culture Johnson and his hangers on are creating around UK politics is dangerous and will put many women off getting involved in politics.

Lorna Slater said:

“Boris Johnson’s comments in relation to Jo Cox were disgraceful. She was a young mother who was assassinated by the far right because of her compassionate and inclusive approach to politics, and expensively educated loudmouths like Johnson think it’s acceptable to insult her memory for their own ends. His Cabinet are also complicit in this disgraceful and dangerous culture that has been created around politics and any of them who are thinking of resigning with a shred of dignity must now realise that they have missed the boat.

“I have committed myself to increasing the number of women in politics and I am delighted that the Greens will have more lead women candidates than ever before at the next Holyrood election, but I fear that the scandalous actions of Johnson and co will put off many women who understandably fear for their safety given the culture he has created. This is just the latest example of why he is completely unfit to be in any position of leadership.”

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