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Source: UK Government

Delivered on:
27 September 2019 (Transcript of the speech, exactly as it was delivered)

The UK would like to make an explanation of vote on Amendment L.40, proposed by Egypt, which seeks to add a new paragraph to draft resolution L.37.
We strongly oppose the incorporation of this Amendment on two grounds. The first is a question of efficiency. The Amendment suggests that states should exchange information on the impact of the abolition, or retention of the death penalty on crime rates. This concern was raised, and addressed more than two years ago by the main sponsors of this resolution. As a result, the upcoming biennial high-level panel discussion at the forty-sixth session of the Human Rights Council will specifically address human rights violations related to the use of the death penalty and if the use of the death penalty has a deterrent effect on crime rates.
Secondly, and more fundamentally, the drafting of Amendment L.40 suggests that the death penalty is an effective means of redress for victims of crime. We disagree. The taking of an individual’s life through capital punishment cannot be seen as redress for another life lost. It is neither an acceptable form of justice, nor reparation.
For these reasons, the UK will vote against this Amendment and call on all other members of the Human Rights Council to do the same.

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