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It opened in February of this year. During this time the guests were more than 37 thousand people.

The volume of tourist flow in the capital continues to grow. This is due to the improvement of the city’s largest festivals and the development of the hotel business. This was announced Sergei Sobyanin during a visit to the multifunctional complex the Book, set in a home-owner on the New Arbat street. It includes the Pentahotel hotel 4* and apartments.

“It housed a very important, necessary office, but that certainly didn’t add anything to the city centre, and so overloaded offices and workplaces. It was therefore decided to reconstruct the building and to create here a modern hotel. Such a project is implemented, it is clear that it is very difficult, but I think he will play in the tourist facilities of Moscow’s very major role,” said the Mayor.

15 building on Novy Arbat street is a complex of four 26-storey office buildings, which were built in the 1960-1970-ies. Muscovites called them “house-books”. Erected during the construction of Kalinin prospect, the chief architect of Moscow, Mikhail Posokhin.

In Soviet times the house was occupied by the Union Ministry. In recent years it housed offices and various city services. The building has the status of an object of cultural heritage of regional value “the Building where the “Russian forest” — mosaic in the interior of the cafe “Pechora”, the artist Andronov N. And. 1978″.

Before the world Cup, which took place last year, the house of books has decided to reconstruct and to do there the hotel. To Finance the project were private investors.

So, in 15 house made overhaul. There were replaced Windows and roof, insulated facade, converted the front group. Specialists made alterations to the premises, transferred engineering networks and communications, has installed Central air-conditioning and ventilation, high speed elevators and new fire protection system.

After repair posted here a multifunctional complex The Book. Its area is 30 thousand square meters. It includes:

hotel Pentahotel Moscow, Arbat 4* 228 rooms. 186 of them — with an area of 20-23 “square” (Penta), a 20 — square 27-31 “square” (Penta Plus), 20 — square 33-34 “square” (Penta PlayerPad) and two rooms for disabled people area of 33 “square”

— 104 service apartments under the management of Intermark Residence Arbat. Including 25 studios ranging 27-34 per square meter, 63 one area of 28-60 square meters, two area of 15 53-76 square meters, one bedroom with an area of 88 square meters

— 178 apartments for longer stays Book The Apartments. This includes 35 studios space 27-34 per square meter, 93 one area of 28-60 square meters, 44 two 53-76 “squares”, six three-room area of 140-150 “squares”.

The main entrance to the building from the street Novy Arbat. On the ground floor elevators. The lobby has a lounge area for waiting, meetings and negotiations. On the second floor made all-day dining restaurant. The third is the reception, cafe-bar (working hours), a game console, Billiards and a library.

On the second and third floors can be accessed not only on the Elevator, but via a private stairway.

Third through fifth floor administrative offices, conference rooms and a fitness room. From the sixth to the 11th — room Pentahotel 4*. Apartments Book The Apartments with a ceiling height of 3.9 meters and panoramic Windows on the 12th and 13th floors. From the 14th through the 18th — Intermark apartments Arbat Residence, and from 19th to 25th — The Book Apartments. On the 26th floor — The Book Apartments with a sloping ceiling height of 4.6 to 5.2 m and a mezzanine with Zenith Windows.

Hotel Pentahotel 4* opened February 28 of this year. During this time, her guests were more than 37 thousand people. Pentahotel on the New Arbat is the first hotel in Moscow of the international network of Rosewood Hotel Group. Among the hallmarks of this brand in interior design.

“Today, the hotel is very successful, we have an occupancy rate of 95 percent,” said Paul Those the Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-owner of holding company Capital Group.

Business card of all 28 hotels in eight countries — area of C-lounge, which recreated the atmosphere of the living room. This bar and restaurant, and a place where you can read a book, to work, to play Billiards or video games, and in the evenings listen to a lecture or dance.

The interior of the Pentahotel on the New Arbat, minimalistic and functional. The rooms most comfortable: over the bed lamp near the armchairs — floor lamps, to make guests be comfortable to read or work, not including the overhead light. Complement the original design details, such as retrocele or map of Moscow opposite the bed, on which are marked attractions, restaurants and cafes.

Russpass: new digital platform for tourists

In addition, Sergei Sobyanin spoke about a new digital platform for tourists Russpass. She will help arrange your unique journey around the capital, make it convenient, bringing together city services and cultural attractions.

“To make tourists feel more comfortable in Moscow next year launch a dedicated digital platform to provide various services to tourists, including services for laying of transport and logistics routes, booking hotels and other things and so on. In the future this platform will evolve and can be used to obtain electronic visas. It will be an additional incentive for inflow of tourists,” — said the Mayor.

The platform includes a website and mobile app that will operate in six languages. Using Russpass you can buy tickets and book a hotel, arrange an e-visa, to plan their stay in Moscow, including a visit to cultural events. This travel package also includes a transport map. Users of the platform will be able to help in round-the-clock support.

The launch of the platform in test mode is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. To book hotels and buy tickets using the platform will be in the summer of 2020.

The visas will be available after the simplification of the visa regime and the introduction of electronic visas.

On arrival in Russian airports and partner points tourists will be able to envelope the physical media Russpass, transport map, printed city map and information booklet.

When planning a trip to Moscow, users will be able to use one of two options: to buy ready-made tour package or create your personal route in the constructor of the trip.

In the framework of a tourist package users get free access to all regional museums of Moscow and a set of services that will make your stay in the capital truly unique experience.

The itinerary designer is a tool creating a personalized daily plan that includes a package of basic services and access to marketplace where you can choose from different options.

Individual routes and purchased e-tickets saved in my office Russpass, print them is not required.

Platform Russpass will work in the desktop version and as a mobile application, which can serve as a personal guide in the journey through the city. The app will unite the city Navigator and the calendar-route activities, access to local services. Tourists can learn about events taking place near its location. In the app you can specify personal preferences, which will be considered in the mapping of existing services.

If there is an emergency situation you can contact the round-the-clock contact centre or write to the chat support.

If you want to continue your journey through Russia, using Russpass, he will be able to form a plan to travel to St. Petersburg and the far Eastern Federal district.

Platform Russpass will be a useful service not only for guests but also for the Muscovites. It can be used as a source of information about events taking place in the capital, and the purchase of electronic tickets will save from waiting in lines.

Hotels in Moscow: in eight years — more than twice

Last year in Moscow came to 23.5 million tourists who stayed in the city for at least one night. In comparison with 2010 (12.8 million people) number of tourists increased by 84 percent. Without overnight stay came to 56 million people.

“Last year, Moscow broke the record for the number of tourists. Everyone thought that this is due to the world Cup, well, partly it was true. There have been suggestions that, as this year’s championship, there will be a large decrease in the number of tourists who come to Moscow. Nothing like this happens. We see that the number of tourists this year, more than in 2018,” said Sergey Sobyanin.

The main stream of tourists — 18 million people — citizens of Russia. The number of foreigners and 5.5 million people.

This year the number of tourists continues to grow. So, in the first half in the Russian capital was visited by 11.5 million tourists, which is by 32.4% more than in the same period last year (8.7 million). From January to June of 2019 visited Moscow 397,2 thousands of tourists from China, 144,1 thousand from Germany, 74.6 thousand from France, 66.9 thousand from Italy and from 59.9 thousand from Israel.

Last year, the total tourism consumption and trafficking of festivals in Moscow has reached 864 billion (in 2010 — 226,3 billion). Tourism and festivals brought to the city budget of some 120 billion roubles. This figure increased four times in comparison with 2010 (31 billion).

“In recent years, the city revenue from tourism exceeded 120 billion rubles per year. This is a huge amount comparable to the largest projects we are implementing. For example, a much larger sum than that which we spend on a renovation programme in Moscow. So that is a big help for the city’s economy,” added the Mayor.

Only in Moscow there are 1718 hotels, hostels, and rooming houses, which have undergone the training and got the appropriate category. Five stars was awarded to 41 institutions, four stars — 132 three stars — 331, two stars — 152, the one-star — 86. 976 institutions without stars.

Thus, the proportion of the license Fund three-star hotels is 44.4 percent, four — 17.8 percent. With regard to the world situation, the share of three-star hotels the average is 27 percent, four — about 50 percent. This means that Moscow hotels are on average more affordable.

From 377 hotels in the capital the room Fund includes more than 50 rooms, at 609 hotels and mini-hotels less than 50 rooms. The rest — 713 19 hostels and rooming houses.

The General number Fund of hotels of Moscow 82.9 thousand offer for 233 thousand places. This is almost two times more compared to 2010.

44 hotels with a total Fund of more than 13 thousand numbers operate under well-known international brands: Four Seasons Hilton Hotels

From 2011 to 2019 constructed and renovated building to accommodate 55 new hotels 10 of 570 rooms.

According to the index of the cost of accommodation in three-star hotels — Europe 3-star Traveler Index 2018 — Moscow occupies 21-e a place among the 56 cities in Europe (higher means a lower price).

In the ranking of the top 25 best hotels in Russia according to Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice 2018 includes six hotels in Moscow.

Affordable prices, availability and variety of choice have influenced the increase in the number of guests: over the past three years their number increased by 80 percent in 2018, made up of 17.25 million (in 2016 9,56 million in 2017 — 11,40 million).

The average annual occupancy rate of Moscow hotels is 77 percent, which is comparable to Amsterdam, London and Paris.

“The occupancy rate of hotels is, of course, the first indicator of what is happening in the city from the point of view of tourism. Never such occupancy was not” — said the Mayor.

The download of hotels in Moscow has a positive effect rich event calendar — in recent years virtually disappeared by a pronounced seasonality. This allows hotels to work with the high occupancy and profitability all year round.

Traditionally Moscow is high interest among tourists during the Christmas holidays. So, last season — from December 30, 2018 January 8, 2019 — it was booked 90 percent of the Moscow license plate Fund (16.8% more in comparison with the season of 2017/2018 year). Record download show four and five star hotels in Tverskoy district — during the Christmas holidays they are filled to 95 percent.

12 percent of all tourists visiting the capital in 2018, specially arrived in Moscow to attend the festival “Journey to Christmas” and other events “Moscow seasons”. In recent years, the number of visitors of Moscow festivals has increased 11-fold — from six million in 2013 to 65,8 million in 2018.

In 2019 during the celebration of Moscow city Day (7-8 September), the occupancy of hotels has exceeded 90 percent, with 65 percent of the guests were foreign tourists. Leaders among foreign countries in the number of hotel guests were China, Spain, USA, Israel and Argentina.

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