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On the Day of the tutor and all preschool workers tells about people, something similar to the hero of the famous film “mustachioed nannies” — about men who work with teachers in Moscow kindergartens.

Braid braids, learn poems, read stories, draw, sing and play with the kids outdoor games — in some preschool classrooms Moscow doing this the teachers were men. Why Igor Kultyshkin, Viktor Kornev, Alexander Kotov Andrey Rybakov chose this for the rare strong sex profession? On this and other issues young teachers answered in their professional holiday — day of the tutor and all preschool workers.

Igor Kultyshkin: With kids wondering!

Morning dads group Igor Kultyshkin (that’s the official name of his position in preschool educational buildings “exaltation” educational institution “School in Kapotnya”) begins with outdoor games in the yard of the kindergarten. Kids in bright jackets running into each other “hunters” to catch the unwary “geese” to signal the caregiver. “Geese-geese!” — “Ha-ha-ha!” — “Are you hungry?” “Yes, Yes, Yes”.

“It’s their favorite game, — says Igor Kultyshkin. — Our kids love all games where there is an element of catch-up, where the hunters or the wolves catch small animals”.

The most troublesome time of day — lunch, you need time to come to a walk and time to dress.

“The majority of children for four years until their own care, it is difficult for them, — says Igor. — And we have a mode, you cannot break out of the daily routine. But nothing they learn on the fly, I think, for the New year, I will teach them to dress themselves.”

Igor Kultyshkin has been working here for two and a half years. He is sure that with children it is interesting.

“We are with them, draw, read, write, conduct physical flexing, sports pause, charging, — said the teacher. — I easily find common language with children. Brother I learned to ride a bike, to play football. Therefore, without much deliberation chose the pedagogical University and graduated. However, I assumed I’d be working with older children, but it so happened that he started to work at a preschool and have no regrets. With children is always interesting, and all conditions for good work is: two sports halls, each group of multimedia equipment.”

Educators do not appreciate their colleagues-men.

“At first many of us were perplexed: “How is it in preschool are the teachers male? That they will wipe noses, braids-ponytails girls braid? Will?” — Maya laughs Chulkova. — But the guys proved that not only braids — they can do anything. The boy in the group saw Igor, I opened the door and skipped forward, and also became the girls to open the door. The kids saw walk in front of Igor I jacket delivers, and also began to help the girls to get dressed. Now it is the norm. Children need to see an example. Now we can not imagine like without men to work!”

Victor Kornev: This is my job and I love it

In the neighboring building “Schools in Kapotnya,” which is called “Arbat”, the children held their breath, listening to the tale “the Cunning crow” performed by Viktor Kornev. When the tale ends, noisy exhale and pull hands, answering questions of the teacher. Then Victor passes the baton to a colleague, wearing a white robe and a gauze cap and goes for the heavy pots of soup ahead of lunch.

“Project “the Institute of group dad” invented six years ago by the former Director of the center for education № 1858 Vladimir Streltsov. We made passports social groups and drew attention to the fact that many children live in single-parent families. Then we decided to invite a group of dads — the male mentors to help women who, unlike them, will be able and physical education children engage in — said Natalia Costas, senior caregiver corps “Arbat” educational institution “School in Kapotnya”. — First parents were perplexed, saying that my son has a father, why would he even some sort of group? But when they saw how the children loved them as they crowded around them and catch every word, thawed. Now the parents of younger groups asking: “And when our group would be a group dad?” As for physical training — our five-year plan successfully pass the GTO norms for children aged six to eight years. It is the merit of Viktor Sergeevich — last year the guys got six gold GTO and one silver”.

Victor Kornev completing the State social humanitarian University, specialty “teacher of physical culture” and works with children for three years, and after graduation plans to continue this work.

“The children have learned a lot: getting myself dressed, one boy already knows how to read, — said Viktor Kornev. — Parents are often very grateful, but honestly, it’s my job and I love it”.

Alexander Cats: the Most difficult was to learn how to braid pigtails

Preschool high school No. 1231, in which the teacher, Alexander Kotov, located in one of the Arbat lanes.

The kids have just ended the quiet hour, and they are still sleepy, going in the games room, dress up, and girls at a time suitable to the teacher — do hairstyle.

“The most difficult part for me was to learn to braid her hair — says Alexander Kotov. Girls come by after NAP time and brooked no opposition voice order: “my ponytail! To me the scythe!” And try not to do — there will be tears. And I have spit some reason broke up, nothing happened — the good, always willing to come to the rescue of my colleague Lyubov. Without it as without hands! Now it’s a skill perfected.”

Gradually the children are seated at tables, and in the power of silence start to spend the whole day. Afternoon snack — pancakes with tea. From time to time at the tables is heard laughing or start talking and then the teacher loudly and pointedly says, “ahem Ahem!” — talk immediately subside.

“Children listen to, are drawn to male-teacher — smiles Lyubov Popova. Boys imitate in everything — for example, have learned to give way to the girls.”

In this garden, Alexander Kotov has been running for eight years. First there was the PE teacher and the last five years — the teacher in the group.

“I consciously chose pedagogical University Moscow state pedagogical University, faculty of preschool pedagogy and psychology, — says Alexander Kotov. My mother is a teacher, and I always got along with children. Even in my childhood, the neighbors noticed that the younger sister is always full of guys from small to large. I love my job, I like to see the result of my efforts — as children master skills according to their age. One boy in my group for a long time did not know how to dress themselves: he had a large family and relatives did everything for him. And if not helped parents, the boy went to his uncle or aunt: “Dress me!” We Love Nikolaevna and Alevtina Petrovna noticed it and taught him, he began to dress and to turn the clothing on the front side. The parents were happy. You know, it’s nice when after the release of write parents, asking how things are I have my daughter (she is two years and five months). It’s nice when the children saw me at the prom come to me in a crowd, and the parents excitedly thank you. My wife once said: “You are an unusual man — you work in a kindergarten””.

Andrei Rybakov: children of the Pskov airborne division

Kids who have a teacher in physical education work Andrew, the Fishermen are proud that their teacher is a real trooper. He finished College and served military service in the legendary Pskov airborne division. And now he’s teaching kids physical education in the preschool room “rainbow” school № 1564 and finishes the fifth year of the Moscow state pedagogical University, wrote a diploma and plans to continue training in a magistracy.

“In teaching I found myself by chance, — said Andrey Rybakov. Our family of almost all teachers. My mom, aunt, sister, wife working with teachers in preschool classrooms. Before me there was the question of where to go to learn the specifics of the teacher studied from childhood”.

Now his kids are practicing walking, running, jumping, crawling and climbing, and the guys older hone their skills. Children play outdoor games, in winter skiing. And in the end get a good physical base for the school.

“The hardest thing to explain to your parents how important it is to work with children, — says the teacher. — Kids, engaged parents, you’d see they are stronger, coordinated, more agile. We prepared for the competition “Faster, higher, stronger!”, and one boy couldn’t get a good jump in length from place: 10 points need to jump of one metre 60 centimetres, and it could one meter 30. I gave him and his parents homework: to practice the long jump. Parents had to fix one end of the special harness at the waist of the child, and the other to hold in the hands. They tried trained. And the competition child jumped 1.63 m — won the first victory in life! You should have seen how excited he was to how excited the parents were. So, my work and the work of the parents helped, and a lot of these cases. Actually, the best part of my job is to see shining eyes of children, with what joy and energy they come to class. With them, no bad mood, they give this energy to you, this is the special work in the kindergarten”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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