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Source: United Kingdom – Ministry of Defence


Information regarding how much the Ministry of Defence is paying Amey for contracts
Ref: 2019/07002 PDF, 291KB, 4 pages

Information regarding the list of all plots of land with or without buildings including any coming onto the market in the future, for sale on the open or private market along with the location of plots
Ref: 2019/07210 PDF, 86.1KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the names of Indian and Brazillian beef suppliers in Oman and which companies supply beef products to armed forces personnel serving in other overseas jurisdictions
Ref: 2019/07077 PDF, 118KB, 2 pages

Information regading how many acres or hectares of woodland are currently on the MOD estate
Ref: 2019/06692 PDF, 224KB, 4 pages

Information regarding the list of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers that have or will be involved in the redevelopment of Worthy Down Army base
Ref: 2019/06571 PDF, 135KB, 5 pages

Information regarding the number of current Honorary Colonels in the British Army
Ref: 2019/09369/13/04 PDF, 221KB, 15 pages

Information regarding the number of regular and reserve personnel in the Royal Regiment of Scotland
Ref: 2019/08779/13/04 PDF, 34KB, 2 pages

Numbers of Bangladeshi armed forces personnel trained every year and the cost of the training received
Ref: 2019/09208/05/02 PDF, 36KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the contact us section of the British Army website
Ref: Army/Sec/TO09234/04/02 PDF, 25.5KB, 1 page

Information regarding the nations that sent soldiers to Sandhurst to be trained and the payments made to the British Army
Ref: 2019/07481 PDF, 43KB, 3 pages

Information regarding the number of police officers absent for mental health reasons from 2015 to 2019
Ref: 2019/04541 PDF, 90.5KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the plots of land for sale by the Ministry of Defence
Ref: 2019/07210 PDF, 95.2KB, 2 pages

Information on the removal of 110a2 light machine gun (LMG)
Ref: DES FOI2019 08532 PDF, 46.5KB, 1 page

Enquiry regarding Gibraltar dockyard maintenance
Ref: DES 2019/07423 PDF, 289KB, 2 pages

Information on pension percentage for Gulf war veterans with cognitive issues
Ref: 2019/07540 PDF, 72KB, 2 pages

Number of people in each of the armed services who identified as Pagans and Wiccans
Ref: 2019/08866 PDF, 537KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the number of armed forces personnel prescribed antidepressants from 2016 to 2018
PDF, 857KB, 3 pages


Ministry of Defence (MOD) Freedom of Information (FOI) responses released during the week commencing 23 September 2019.

Published 27 September 2019

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