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His plays and films grew more than one generation, many masterpieces of the audience knows by heart.

On 86-m to year of life died the Director and the art Director “Lenkoma” mark Zaharov. His films are dismantled for quotes, and some of the performances, established many years ago, going to the theatre. Remember the main picture and the setting of the master.

“Profitable” (1967), Theatre of satire

1967. In the Theater of satire — the opening night of 34-year-old Director Mark Zakharov. He made the play “a Profitable post” by Alexander Ostrovsky. Behind the Director at this point only four performances: three in the Student theatre of Moscow state University and one at the Moscow theatre of miniatures.

The circumstances for it was never better: chief Director of the theater Valentin Pluchek has enabled talented young person to choose any of the actors, including the most famous. So the play turned out to be Andrei Mironov, and Tatyana Egorova. About Mironov told him what Goodies he better not play — charisma is not the same. But the Director in the rehearsal process I realized that the best Zhadova he just can not find. But mark Zakharov decided to change the text: from the stage shouldn’t be any “blame-C” and “anything-with”.

The premiere was a resounding success. For Zakharov fame if not yet a master, then certainly one of the most promising Directors in the country. The show managed to show for about 40 times, once in the theater came the Minister of culture Catherine Furtseva, uglyadevshaya in the formulation of the anti-Soviet orientation. “Degradation”, she concluded. With the management, which allowed to show “this”, spoken in a raised voice. “Plum” was banned. As it turned out, Furtseva was confused by one phrase: “We don’t want bribes, I want to live one salary!”

“Til” (1974), “Lenk”

Ban nick Zakharov is not crippled. He continued to put on plays — every year there is a new. And “til” by the book of Charles de Coster’s “till Eulenspiegel” he was already established as the main Director of theatre “Lenkom”. In the play he used insanely popular at the time rock band — BAND “Araks”.

Their roles brilliantly played by Inna Churikova, Yelena Shanina, Dmitry Hoshiv. It was here that I was able to show himself, Nikolai Karachentsov. Many theater critics then wrote that, if not “til” is unknown, as it generally had his career — the appearance of an actor not everybody liked Directors. But Zakharov believe in him.

“12 chairs” (1976)

In parallel with work in the theatre mark Anatolyevich decides to try his hand on the screen and the film “the train stops for two minutes” and then — “12 chairs” based on the novel by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. Music written by Gennady Gladkov, lyrics — Yuliy Kim.

In a clever Ostap Bender reincarnated each Zakharova Andrei Mironov. On the set he was inspired — including and then, to justify the trust. “Fabulous actor”, — said about him a Director. Vorobyaninov played Anatoly Papanov. In “12 chairs,” debuted Lyubov Polishchuk. Mark Anatolievich then was sure that this actress rich experience — so confident and professional, she kept in front of the camera.

The filmmakers often think of an interesting case with a talking parrot. He remained stubbornly silent, ignoring his owner and trainer, and talked (and even laughed) when I heard “Camera, action!” Zakharova.

“An ordinary miracle” (1978)

“To make a film based on the play “Ordinary miracle” by Eugene Schwartz? Oh, no. Moreover, it has tried to make Erast Garin, and even he failed” — as argued by mark Zakharov, when he was asked to do this movie. Why the change of heart — a mystery until now. But the result was a brilliant two-part art tape, classics of the Soviet cinema.

Acting Director called his favorite actors — Oleg Yankovsky, Evgeny Leonov, Andrei Mironov. Moreover, he had dealt with them during various projects, and therefore knew that a team of trusted. In mind he had other (e.g., Alexander Zbruev, Alexander Kurapov), but they could not. Young Alexander Abdulov (he was 25) decided to try his luck, but doubted: “I’m always Auditioning and playing Kostolevsky”. Zakharov decided to see how he handles the team veteran actors. He was again invited by Gennady Gladkov and Yuly Kim. Songs sang Leonid Serebrennikov and Larisa Dolina — then, so almost nobody knew, she was just starting her career.

Before the shooting happened: with a heart attack in the hospital were Oleg Yankovsky. First of all, he was worried, which leads the team, but mark Anatolyevich, who came to visit him with scarce oranges, said he will wait as long as necessary. It was a great incentive to recovery.

And then, when the shooting started, the fun began. Abdulov has refused stunt. At first everything went according to plan, no injuries, until during one of the stunts (riding a horse) the artist is not stuck a foot in the stirrup and fell. The horse didn’t stop. Mark Zakharov worried watched dragging on the ground Abdulov, and then when stunt was released, scolded and once again invited a stuntman.

“That Munchhausen” (1979)

The following year on the screens out another film by Mark Zakharov. The story of this painting originates from the play by Grigory Gorin. And asked her to write Vladimir Zeldin — he always wanted to play Munchausen, but didn’t have good performances.

When the Prime Minister finally played (in the Theater of the Soviet army), was pleased with everything: the creators of the show, and the audience. Among the latter was mark Zakharov, who came to a real delight. There was no doubt: it is necessary to make a film! Great material, interesting character — what else you need? Besides, he already knew whom would you give the main role to Oleg Yankovsky. In the film, starring Inna Churikova, Aleksandr Abdulov, Leonid Bronevoy, Igor Kvasha, Leonid Yarmolnik, Elena Koreneva.

The shooting took place in Wernigerode (Germany). Abdulov and scored on them again rozhneva Zakharova. Alexander decided to show the local stuntman, what physical force could have a Russian actor. Decided to mate with his index fingers. The result is a fracture. Abdulov has imposed a gypsum. However, he persuaded Mark Anatolyevich allow him to jump to four-meter fence. The Director allowed, but later regretted: actor sprained his still leg. “We had to make a special hole, softening the impact with the ground. But I took it lightly,” recalled later in his interview with the Director.

“Juno and Avos” (1981), “Lenk”

Zakharov never forgot about theatre. One of the most important in the career of the play “Juno and Avos” in the history of its existence has shown more than 1500 times. This is the first rock Opera. But first, Zakharov (the same as it was with “Ordinary miracle”) to put this show didn’t. But then opinion changed. The love story of count Rezanov and Conchita of Spanish flu came from the composer Alexei Rybnikov. Libretto by Andrei Voznesensky.

Interestingly, even before the premiere in the theater (the play, by the way, the show now) “Juno and Avos” was presented in the Church of the Intercession at Fili during the creative meeting with the restorers. Then with delight the statement was met not only in Moscow and on tour in Paris, new York and other world capitals. Mark Zakharov could hardly imagine that this performance could not be at all.

For many years the main role was performed by Nikolay Karachentsov. One of his partners, Anna Bolshova, got to the theater straight from College. Zakharov immediately noticed the talented actress. She recalls how one day, came for the morning run just to see the show, and mark Anatolyevich suddenly stopped the rehearsal and suggested the second act to play her. Shocked was all. But the “test” she passed. The Director hung in the dressing rooms of the artists icon of Kazan mother of God, who was consecrated before the first show.

“Formula of love” (1984)

“Formula of love” — another author Grigory Gorin, which loosely told the tale of Alexey Tolstoy “the Count of Cagliostro.” Of actor for the lead role of mark Anatolievich looking for a long time. Suitable artist, he saw, by visiting the show of Georgian theatre (on tour in Moscow). It turned out to Nodar Mgaloblishvili, which Zakharov went then straight to the dressing room, not one, and with the Minister of culture of Georgia. The actor agreed. However, voiced his character Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

But Alexander Abdulov was as if irrelevant — whether because his heels were chasing trouble on the set, either because they just could not find a suitable role. But then for him it is still found (Kucher Jacob). In the film, starring the Director’s daughter Alexandra.

Not without adventure, and on these sets. First overturned carriage and Abdulov almost died, and then broke his leg Mgaloblishvili. So feet Cagliostro eventually belonged to composer Gennady Gladkov also invited into this picture.

“Kill the dragon” (1988)

Before the movie “Kill the dragon” was a show that mark Zakharov put in the Student theatre of Moscow state University. Based on the play by Eugene Schwartz about the confrontation between the knight Lancelot and the authoritarian Dragon, feared by local residents.

Movie — already familiar to the team: Oleg Yankovskiy, Evgeni Leonov, Alexander Zbruev, Alexander Abdulov. The latter, as usual, refused stunt. Lyrics by tradition, writes Julius Kim, music — Gennady Gladkov.

The shooting went again to Germany — during his last visit, Mark A. was able to make friends with German filmmakers. Used even ancient castle in the Polish town of Malbork. The film won two awards “Nika” for best music for the film and for the best work of the costume designer.

“Kill the dragon” was the last kinorabotoy Mark Zakharov.

“The Royal game” (1995), “Lenk”

“The Royal game” mark A. staged based on the play of Maxwell Anderson’s “1,000 days of Anne Boleyn”. The main roles he invited Mordvinova Amalia, Anna Bolshova, Leonid Bronevoi, Ivan Agapov and Alexander Lazarev (Junior), who then studied in the third year of the School-Studio MXAT.

In 1996 the play about the love of king Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn received the “Crystal Turandot” as the best performance. Today he’s one of those centenarians, which are shown on the stage “Lenkoma” so far.

“The Hoax” (1999), “Lenk”

What happens if you mix “Dead souls” by Nikolai Gogol with his other works? At the request of Mark Zakharov did the playwright Nina Sadur. The result is the play “Pannochka”.

The Director himself put on this play, the psychological drama “the Hoax”, which became the main theatrical event of the winter of 1999. The main character, Chichikov, was played by Dmitry Pevtsov, maiden — Anna Bolshova. Zakharov wanted all the characters appear in a completely different light: for example, evil dead Pannochka draws Chichikov in a dangerous adventure — and he loses his soul.

For this production, mark Anatolyevich received the “Crystal Turandot”. “The most complicated and nerve-free performance Zakharova recent years,” wrote critics after the premiere.

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