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Pupils and students learn how to construct the Rover, will undergo psychological tests and will walk through the Museum art school.

Project participants “Saturday Moscow schoolboy” October 5 will have lessons in the capital’s universities and institutions of additional education.

Master the skills of the XXI century

Place: school No. 1231 name of V. D. Polenov

Address: Bolshoy Afanasievsky pereulok, d. 27, p. 1

Time: 09:15-13:00

Bank experts will conduct in the school № 1231 imeni V. D. Polenova a series of master classes and business games for students in grades 8-11. Children learn about the different ways of development of memory, the artificial intelligence technologies in the banking sector, and will also participate in the business game on the development of team skills.

Needed to visit pre-registration.

To study the Rover

Place: Moscow state University named after N. Uh. Bauman

Address: street 2-nd Baumanskaya, building 5, building 1

Time: 10:00-11:30

At a lecture at the Moscow state University named after N. Uh. Bauman

students will see how the Rovers and the Rovers will find out what they can be useful for science and learn the history and prospects of development of these machines.

Part pre-registration.

To open the startup

Place: Moscow Institute of electronic technology

Address: Zelenograd, the area of the Peloponnese, house 1

Time: 10:30-12:00

Participants of the training will introduce the basics of business modeling. Attendees will learn how ideas can be turned into a business plan sufficient to open your own startup.

You need to register in advance.

To see the wealth of the oceans

Place: Russian state geological prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze

Address: Miklukho-Maklay str., house 23

Time: 10:30-12:00

Head of the Department of Geotechnology of the Russian state geological prospecting University Alexander Wilmes will reveal the secrets that keeps the World’s oceans. Attendees will learn how to extract gold, platinum, diamonds, tin, amber, Titan out of the water.

To attend the event is required check.

The splits

Place: Russian state University of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism

Address: Lilac Parkway, the house 4

Time: 10:30-12:20

A practical lesson in Russian state University of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism students in grades 5-7 will show you exercises for development of flexibility of muscles and joints.

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To Tame The Tiger

Place: Moscow, Polytechnic University

Address: Bolshaya Semenovskaya, 38

Time: 11:00-12:30

Teachers of the Moscow Polytechnic University will explain the basic concepts of the theory of games (TIGER), will offer to solve puzzles and to solve inventive problems. Part pre-registration.

To punctuate

Place: the State Institute of Russian language named after A. S. Pushkin

Address: street of Academician Volgin, 6

Time: 11:00-12:30

The teachers of the State Institute of Russian language named after A. S. Pushkin will present the original author’s method of studying punkorama “Asyndetic complex sentence”, designed for students grades 5-9. It helps to develop visual memory in school children, teaches them to place the correct punctuation in complex sentences.

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Look in the Museum

Place: the Moscow state art-industrial Academy named after Stroganov

Address: Volokolamskoe shosse, Dom 9

Time: 12:00-13:00

Students are invited to tour the Museum of the Stroganov Academy, to see unique monuments of painting, sculpture, decorative-applied art of Russia, Europe, Asia, Middle and Far East.

In advance to register.

Cyber money count

Place: Russian state University of justice

Address: Bolshoi Karetny pereulok, 10A

Time: 13:00-14:30

At the Russian state University of justice students will be able to know what and cyber money mining cryptocurrency how much bitcoin is, why the need for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and what are the prospects for legalization of cyberdine in Russia and abroad.

Part pre-registration.

To increase self-esteem

Venue: Russian state social University

Address: street Wilhelm Pieck, the house 4, building 8

Time: 14:00-15:30

In Russian state social University students will tell you how to increase self-esteem, and also will talk about how health psychology is concerned with scientific and professional activities. Children will be asked to take tests to assess individual personality traits.

Part pre-registration.

To solve the mathematical mysteries

Place: Russian state University of oil and gas named I. M. Gubkin

Address: Leninsky prospect, 65, building 1

Time: 14:45-16:15

Visitors of the lecture at the Russian state University of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin will learn the secrets of Pascal’s triangle is a mathematical object for which it is sufficient to be able to add positive integers. In addition, the students will talk about its properties and connections with the formulas of reduced multiplication.

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Remove the story

Place: Children’s television training center “Telecentr”

Address: 1st Zborovsky pereulok 3

Time: 16:30-18:30

In children’s television training center “Telecentr” creative producer of the Moscow education TV channel Stanislav Razumov will tell you how to realize the idea of a story or TV show life, as well as about where to begin and what to pay attention to.

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