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In “Tsaritsyn” you can find “Rusalkina gate” and enjoy the unique Palace ensemble in the mikhalkovo estate — stroll along the ponds and feed the ducks, and in the new Park “Khodynka field” to see the mirrored pillars and climbing on an artificial hill. Where else should go this fall?

Moscow is the second consecutive year in the list of the best places to travel in the fall according to CNN. Foreign experts recommend tourists to pay attention to the Museum-reserves Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye.

Where else to go to enjoy the riot of autumn colors and enjoy the beauty of nature? made a list of the most beautiful parks of the capital, where it is especially nice to walk in the fall.

Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”: Turgenev and the secret place

In the XVII–XVIII centuries on the territory of what is now Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” was the village of Black Dirt, later renamed Empress Catherine II in Tsaritsyno. In its decree the construction of the Palace and Park ensemble in the style of Russian Gothic was engaged first by the architect Vasily Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov then. Residential of the Imperial residence of the Palace complex did not become. After a time, the Emperor Alexander I, grandson of Catherine II, made the Park open to visitors.

It is worth a walk around the ponds, created in the XVIII–XIX centuries to provide water to the manor and greenhouses with exotic plants. Romance can be found in the southern part of the Upper Tsaritsyno pond stone arch “Rusalkina gate”. Once there was a small duct and under the arch it was possible to sail on a boat. Here it is in love with Ivan Turgenev brought the singer Pauline Viardot. During a boat trip around the island she sang for him.

By the way, walking along the paths around the Upper Tsaritsyno pond, consider a Small Palace, arbor “the Temple of Ceres”, the tower-ruin, and the pavilion of “Milovida”. The best views of the Palace and Park ensemble opens from under the bridge that connects the Park with the Museum.

Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”: oaks and legend

Take a tour into the past and invites Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”, which opened in 1923 in the former Royal mansion. It regularly hosts exhibitions and festivals. And the funds the institution holds more than 172 thousand exhibits — samples of ancient art, early printed and handwritten books, a unique collection of tiles, monuments of archaeology, numismatics and much more.

In Kolomenskoye you will find the old Church of the ascension (1532 year), the temple of St. George (1843), and the reconstructed Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

Close Apple garden, located near the ponds in the upper part of the Park is oak grove. It trees that are 400 to 600 years. It is believed that the child here was running away from boring lessons Peter I.

In warm weather, the Museum-reserve you can have a picnic on one of the hills, and rain — to go on tour.

The mikhalkovo estate: the estate of the princes and picturesque ponds

To be in the XVIII century, there is a possibility for visitors of the manor of Mihalkovo is situated on the shore of Golovin ponds. The main architectural ensemble was created in 1780-1784 years on the project of Vasily Bazhenov. The estate was owned by the Prince’s birth a diplomat of Catherine the great Mikhail Dashkov and educator Pavel I, Nikita Panin.

Around the ponds paved walking paths with Seating areas. Some preserved buildings of the manor complex-the East and West gates of the wall and the residential wings, two small gazebo rotunda.

In 2017 there put in order gazebos, repaired paths and alleys and cleared the waters, and strengthened their shores. On a Small Golovinsky pond established houses for waterfowl. In the Park there are three playgrounds, bike path and five sports zones, including volleyball and badminton.

Dating, walking and exercise: where to go in the fall

Park of the 850 anniversary of Moscow: a comfortable boardwalk and cycle routes

One of the most green parks in the capital was created in 1997 — the year of the jubilee of Moscow. A long time a significant part of it was uncomfortable. In the end, the Park put in order, the main works here were completed in 2018.

Hikers will appreciate the route length of 16.2 kilometres. Along the banks of the Moscow river appeared beautiful promenade with easy descents. Sports fans available in 16 sites, including two soccer fields, two tennis courts, a Playground for volleyball and basketball, two sand volleyball courts, four playgrounds for street workout.

For cyclists, joggers and Nordic walking paths with a total length of 14.2 kilometers with marking and lighting. There are ski and a roller ski track with length of 9.1 kilometer.

As landscaped green areas of the capital

Park “Khodynka field”: mirrored posts and sage

This is a new green area on the map. In 2018 on the site of an abandoned airfield and the wasteland appeared the place to stay. The Park has artificial hills with viewing points, Playground, trampoline center. You can go here for skateboards, roller skates and bicycles, play table tennis or basketball.

The Park has a dry fountain and an unusual art object — a few mirror posts of different heights. In clear weather, the design casts a curved shadow, similar to a maze, through which turn out very interesting photographs. Also, the Park has a pond with a small walkway.

Sports fans should pay attention to the track, which runs around the perimeter of the Park. Its length is 2.4 km. Along the path grow fragrant plants: sage and mint, wild cherry, Jasmine, lime and lilac.

Park “Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo”: beaver lodges and jumps

The valley of the river Khimki — one of the most picturesque in the city — can be seen in the North-Eastern part of the natural-historical Park “Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo”. Along the river runs the ecological path length of 1.3 kilometers. It originates at a spring “the Tsarevna the Swan”. On the footbridge to go easy and convenient, you can observe numerous birds and look at beaver lodges. Find out what animals live in this Park, on the Bulletin boards.

Also the Park is famous for its dertli (specialized tracks for BMX or mountain bike style dirtjumping) and high jumps.

Park in the Bitsa river floodplain: promenade and observation deck

This Park, located in Northern Butovo, was recognized as the best object for the comprehensive improvement of the living environment at the IX Russian national award on landscape architecture 2018. Its main feature is a unique terrain with a natural slope and a cascade of ponds.

On an area of 14.7 hectares and there are walking paths, Cycling route, places for recreation and sports, playgrounds for children.

Park in the Bitsa river floodplain is suitable for fans of quiet rest. Along the ponds made of the waterfront. Length of the walking route of 1.5 kilometers. For the approach to water has four wooden flooring with railings and three step descent with seats.

The most beautiful view of the Park from the side of Military street (near the house 10). There is a pavilion.

Autumn in “My area”: what made parks in the fall

Moscow is a city with a rich cultural life. Annually in the Russian capital is 80 thousand performances, on 30 thousand concerts, 20 thousand shares, 1.7 thousand exhibitions, tours 600 creative teams, flash mobs, 300, 150 festivals.

In 2018, visited Moscow 23.5 million tourists, of whom 5.5 million were foreigners. The increase in the number of tourists in the capital compared to 2010 was 84 percent.

The active development of infrastructure and programme of city festivals “Moscow seasons” make the city more attractive for fans to travel.

Memo to the tourist in Moscow: where to stay, where to go and how not to get lost in the subwayAnnually in Moscow is reduced, rekonstruiruet and create about 100 squares, parks and green areas

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