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Source: China State Council Information Office 2

Thanks to Luohu’s assistance over the past three years, the remote counties of Longlin and Xilin of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region have achieved a remarkable drop in their poverty rate.
Luohu is helping the two counties to develop local agricultural industries, improve local health care and education conditions and create more jobs, so that the impoverished population have better conditions in which to pursue improvements in their lives.
The poverty rate in Longlin fell from 23.57 percent in 2016 to 8.41 percent by the end of 2018; meanwhile, Xilin county eliminated rural abject poverty last year according to the evaluation of the Guangxi government.
The Luohu district government works closely with the two county governments to help them improve their public services, work efficiency and employee ability, and ensure the poverty alleviation projects suit local conditions and can be sustainable.
A delegation consisting of civil servants and entrepreneurs, led by Luo Yude (then district mayor), Party chief of the Luohu district, visited the two counties in June. He urged that all poverty relief projects organized by Luohu should reflect the Shenzhen standard and quality, and tap into the complementarity between Luohu and the two counties.
The Shenzhen city government and the Luohu district government have provided a total of 196 million yuan ($27.5 million) to aid the two counties’ efforts of poverty alleviation so far.
The 10 sub-district offices and 59 communities of Luohu have been working closely with their respective counterparts of 10 impoverished towns and 57 villages of the two counties. The one-on-one partnership mechanism is proving an effective way to spur relevant departments and officials in Luohu to take their duties seriously.
Luohu encourages its schools, enterprises and hospitals to take part in the poverty alleviation projects, and also organizes training for civil servants, teachers and doctors from the two counties.
The Luohu government believes it is more productive and sustainable in the long run to teach locals how to fish than simply giving them fish to eat.
Luohu also helps to promote local agricultural specialties of the two counties in the market of the Pearl River Delta, and look for jobs in Shenzhen for migrant workers.

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