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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

The Department of Justice today asserted that all prosecutions are conducted in a fair and impartial manner.

The DoJ issued the statement in response to an incident in which a Senior Public Prosecutor was surrounded and verbally abused after a hearing at the High Court on September 27.

It stressed that such behaviour should not be tolerated.

“While prosecutors are not immune from criticisms, they should not become victims of such unwarranted abuses.

“Prosecutors conduct criminal prosecutions not because of their personal interests, they do so on behalf of the public as ‘ministers of justice’; any arbitrary attack on our prosecutorial work would undermine our rule of law.”

The statement said the department, for prosecutorial decisions in every case, must make an objective and professional assessment of the available evidence and applicable law, focusing on offenders’ acts, irrespective of any political beliefs or background of the persons involved.

“There is no political consideration.

“We have all along been discharging prosecutorial duties fairly and without prejudice or favour.”

The department said its prosecutors will continue to uphold such principle professionally and independently in the pursuit of justice.

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