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Source: Australia Government Ministerial Statements

Media release

Media release

30 September 2019

New markets for fully recycled products, bureaucratic consistency and changes to the way we think about recycling are emerging as the keys to Australia meeting its recycling challenge.

A meeting of industry leaders at the Australian Council of Recycling in Melbourne today highlighted the need for greater consistency in the way kerb-side collection is managed across the country and greater education for the public in what can be recycled.

Senior executives from companies including Visy, Veolia, Orora, 0-I, PACT, Sims Metal Management, Reconomy-Downer, Close the Loop, Tyrecycle were among those at the round table with the message that Australia can recycle all its plastic, glass, cardboard and tyre waste domestically.

The clear message from this and my previous meetings is that the re-cycling industry is in no doubt about the opportunities for re-manufactured products or the ability to generate future investment for expansion.

Concerns remain, however, about excessive or inconsistent planning regulations that could hamper that growth and the disparate range of collection strategies across local government.

As I continue to work with industry leaders ahead of the National Environment Minister’s Meeting I am confident that we can achieve our objective of setting a time-table for an end to the export of waste plastic, cardboard, tyres and glass.

Minister for the Environment