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Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation General of Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev gave a start to the 32nd service-sports relay race in Oryol. The contest, which is traditionally held in autumn and is dedicated to the memory of the Hero of Russia, Ensign of Police Aleksei Skvortsov and other employees who have died in the line of duty, has been attended by 11 teams of law enforcement bodies of the region.
Addressing the participants, the Russian MIA Minister said: “This is not just a tribute to our comrades, their courage, stamina, dedication to the profession. Such events unite purposeful and strong-minded people”.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev emphasized that any competition was a test of strength, and when it came to playing for the team, just character and perseverance were not enough: “We need to show unity, use certain tactics, and join efforts to achieve a high result. Even at the most easy stages of the relay, a lot will depend on the contribution and dedication of each participant”.
The Chief of the Ministry emphasized that the ability to work in a team was important when solving service tasks: “Your interaction here, healthy excitement and friendly support will certainly have a positive effect on the level of cooperation in practical activities”.
The Minister expressed confidence that the participants in the competitions would meet the expectations of their colleagues, writing bright pages in the annals of the sports achievements of their departments, and would set personal records.
During the relay, law enforcement officers demonstrated their skills in exercises for strength, speed and agility, overcoming distances in personal protective equipment, on bicycles and ski rollers, as well as in using of service arms and in fighting techniques. According to the overall results, the team of the Oryol Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia named after V.V. Lukyanov became the winner, it was awarded the cup.


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