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Source: US State of Oklahoma

 These projects are weather permitting:
I-40 narrows at Luther Rd. Friday night for turnpike project
Eastbound I-40 will be narrowed to one lane between Luther Rd. (mm 170) and Harrah-Newalla Rd. (mm 172) from 7:30 p.m. Friday to 1 a.m. Saturday to move barrier wall for an ongoing Oklahoma Turnpike Authority project. For information on this project, contact the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority at 405-425-3600 or visit
Bryant Ave. intermittently closed at I-35 through Oct. 4
Bryant Ave. is intermittently closed underneath I-35 just south of N.E. 63rd St. until 7 p.m. Friday and continuing daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, Oct. 4, for ongoing bridge work. The closures will last about 30 minutes each time and motorists looking to enter southbound I-35 at N.E. 50th St. (mm 132A) must continue northbound on Bryant Ave. to Wilshire Blvd. to reach southbound I-35 at mm 134 during these closures.
I-35 narrows south of I-44 over Deep Fork Creek through 2020
The following closures can be expected on north and southbound I-35 over Deep Fork Creek between the I-44 interchange (mm 133) and N.E. 50th St. (mm 132A) for a bridge reconstruction project that will continue through early 2020:
Southbound I-35 lanes will shift at N.E 63rd St. through 2019.
Southbound I-35 E. Frontage Rd. will be narrowed to one lane from N.E. 63rd St. to N.E. 50th St. through early 2020.
Southbound I-35 on-ramp from E. Frontage Rd. at Bryant Ave. is closed.
Northbound I-35 is narrowed to two lanes between N.E. 50th St. (mm 132A) and the I-44 interchange (mm 133) through early 2020.
Alternate route options include SH-74/Lake Hefner Parkway and I-44.
I-235/US-77 narrows to one lane at I-44 Saturday; I-235/US-77 ramp to I-44 shifts Monday
The following lane closure and ramp shift will impact I-235/US-77 traffic near I-44:
Southbound I-235/US-77 will be narrowed to one lane between N. 63rd St. and N. 50th St. from 6:30 a.m. to noon Saturday for shoulder work. Expect delays and congestion in the area during this time.
The northbound I-235/US-77 off-ramp to eastbound I-44 will be slightly shifted starting at 7 a.m. Monday and continuing through Wednesday for drainage repairs as part of an ongoing project at the I-235/I-44 interchange. Motorists should slow down and use caution in this area.
I-235/I-44 interchange work continues through 2021; expect lane and ramp shifts
Drivers should be alert to the following traffic impacts in the I-235/US-77 construction zone at I-44 for ongoing reconstruction and widening that continues through 2021:
Motorists should be alert to changing conditions including lane shifts, narrowed lanes and workers along I-235 between N. 50th St. and N. 63rd St. Northbound and southbound I-235 will remain open to two lanes in each direction during peak commute hours, but may narrow to one lane some nights and weekends.
Two lanes of I-235/US-77 in each direction are significantly shifted through fall. Motorists should be vigilant for new traffic patterns and movements and shorter merge distances at the on- and off-ramps.
East and westbound I-44 is narrowed between Lincoln Blvd. (mm 128A) and Western Ave. (mm 126) through fall 2019, speed limit is reduced.
The northbound I-235 off-ramp to N. 50th St. (mm 4A) is narrowed to one lane and Santa Fe Ave. is closed between N.E. 50th St. and N.E. 51st St. through early winter 2019 for intersection modification as part of an ongoing project. Motorists are advised to use an alternate route.
Motorists also should expect intermittent ramp closures throughout the project.
Motorists are reminded to use their Off Broadway alternate routes such as I-40, I-44, SH-74/Lake Hefner Parkway and Martin Luther King Ave. More information:
I-40 intermittently closes at Choctaw Rd. Saturday
Westbound I-40 will be intermittently closed with a rolling roadblock to slow traffic between Choctaw Rd. (mm 166) and I-240 (mm 165) from 11 a.m. to 1  p.m. Saturday to move barrier wall for an ongoing project. Expect delays and congestion during this time and locate an alternate route such as US-62.
I-40 work continues between I-240 and Peebly Rd. through spring 2020
Drivers should be alert to narrowed lanes on east and westbound I-40 between I-240 (mm 165) and Peebly Rd. (mm 169) as part of ongoing widening and interchange reconstruction at Choctaw Rd. (mm 166) continuing through spring 2020. Motorists can expect two lanes open in each direction during peak commute times. More information:
Note: This work zone is adjacent to an Oklahoma Turnpike Authority work zone on I-40 between Peebly Rd. (mm 169) and Harrah-Newalla Rd. (mm 172). For information on this project, contact the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority at 405-425-3600 or visit
I-44 ramp closes at S.W. 44th St. Monday
Westbound I-44 (runs south) off-ramp to S.W. 44th St. (mm 117B) will be closed from 9 a.m. to noon Monday for sign installation.
Oklahoma City Blvd. closes at Robinson Ave. through Tuesday; Walker Ave. closes at S.W. Second St. Monday
The following closures will impact Oklahoma City Boulevard and City of Oklahoma City streets near or intersecting with the Boulevard:
Oklahoma City Boulevard will be closed between Robinson Ave. and Harvey Ave. through Tuesday for upcoming events in the area. For more information, call the City of Oklahoma City at (405) 297-2535.
Northbound and southbound Walker Ave. will be narrowed to one lane in each direction between S.W. Second St. and S.W. Sixth St. from 5 a.m. Monday through mid-October for resurfacing.
OKC Boulevard is open but additional work continues
Even though the new Oklahoma City Boulevard between E.K. Gaylord Blvd./Shields Ave. and just east of Klein Ave., near Western Ave. has opened, temporary lane closures are expected through mid-October for additional incidental work to complete the project. Drivers are urged to pay close attention to signage and should plan extra travel time in the area.
The following closures and lane impacts are scheduled through mid-October:
Sheridan Ave. is open between Classen Blvd. and Western Ave., but remains narrowed for striping work.
Harvey Ave. is not accessible from the Oklahoma City Boulevard due to ongoing work at this intersection;
Oklahoma City Boulevard drivers permanently cannot turn left at Reno Ave. Motorists may turn left at Walker Ave. to access the boulevard; and
Exchange Ave. is permanently only accessible from eastbound Reno Ave. Exchange Ave. can be accessed from S.W. Third St. to access businesses between Reno Ave. and S.W. Third St.
Ongoing Construction Projects:
I-35 off-ramp at I-44 narrowed; I-35, I-44 narrowed through October
East and westbound I-44 are narrowed to two lanes between I-35 and M.L. King Ave. and the right lane of southbound I-35 at Wilshire Blvd. (mm 134) will be closed for an ongoing bridge rehabilitation project on the M.L. King Ave. bridge through October. This project is adjacent to the I-235/I-44 interchange reconstruction and I-35 bridge reconstruction south of I-44 at Deep Fork Creek. Drivers should locate an alternate route or expect significant delays.
I-35 lanes shift near S. 19th St. in Moore through fall 2019
I-35 lanes are currently shifted between S. 19th St. (mm 116) and Indian Hills Rd. (mm 114) as part of construction of the new S.W. 34th St. bridge over I-35. Other traffic impacts include:
The east and west I-35 service roads will be intermittently closed at S.W. 34th St. in Moore from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays through October. Drivers must use an alternate route.
S.W. 34th St. will be closed to through traffic at Telephone Rd. through October 2019.
More info: 

I-40 lanes shifted, service road narrowed at SH-4/Mustang Rd. through fall 2019 for turnpike project
The following traffic impacts are a part of an Oklahoma Turnpike Authority project:
Westbound SH-152/Airport Rd. is narrowed to one lane between Council Rd. and S.W. 59th St. and the westbound SH-152 off-ramp to Council Rd. has shifted to the east. Drivers should use caution as traffic adjusts to the new configuration.
East and westbound I-40 lanes are shifted between SH-4/Mustang Rd. (mm 138) and Morgan Rd. (mm 140) and the eastbound and westbound I-40 collector road is narrowed to one lane between SH-4/Mustang Rd. (mm 138) and the John Kilpatrick Turnpike (mm 139) through fall 2019.
For more information, contact the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority at 405-425-3600 or visit
SH-3/N.W. Expressway narrows at SH-74/Lake Hefner Pkwy nightly through November
SH-3/N.W. Expressway will be narrowed to one lane in each direction between SH-74/Lake Hefner Pkwy and Hefner Rd. from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. nightly Sunday to Friday through November for a resurfacing project.

SH-3/N.W. Expressway narrows at US-81 near Okarche through early winter 2019
SH-3/N.W. Expressway is narrowed to one lane in each direction at the US-81 junction just south of Okarche through early winter 2019 for a bridge rehabilitation project. Northwest-bound motorists may use the access road to detour to southbound US-81. Motorists should expect delays and be prepared for lane shifts throughout the project.

Britton Rd. traffic shifted at Pennsylvania Ave. in The Village through late fall 2019
Britton Rd. remains narrowed to one lane for westbound only traffic between Pennsylvania Ave. and May Ave. in The Village for ongoing construction. May Ave. traffic will not be able to turn east onto Britton Rd. until the project completes. Drivers should expect delays as traffic adjusts and should use the detour options of Wilshire Blvd. or Hefner Rd. 
Britton Rd. businesses will have at least one access point open at all times during construction. The speed limit is reduced in the work zone and motorists are urged to use extra caution in the area. For more information, call the City of The Village at 405-751-8861.

SH-74 lanes shifted at N.W. 164th St. through fall 2019; N.W. 178th St. closed on east side of SH-74 through mid-October
North and southbound SH-74 is shifted between N.W. 164th St. and N.W. 206th St./Covell Rd. Motorists can expect intermittent delays and congestion and the project is scheduled to complete in fall 2019.
Additionally, N.W. 178th St./Edmond Rd. is closed to the east at SH-74 intersection through mid-October as part of an ongoing widening project. A local detour is signed. For eastbound N.W. 178th St. traffic continue northbound on SH-74 then turn eastbound N.W. 192nd St./Danforth Rd. then southbound on May Ave.
More information:

Lincoln Blvd. ramp to N.E. 21st St., Stiles Ave. closed through September
The southbound Lincoln Blvd. exit ramp to N.E. 21st St. is closed through September for utility work. Southbound Stiles Ave. is closed at N.E. 21st St., preventing left turns onto N.E. 21st St. from Stiles Ave. and eastbound N.E. 21st St. is narrowed to one lane between Central Ave. and Stiles Ave. through September as part of an ongoing utilities project. All parking lot entrances and exits will remain accessible.

Sidewalk construction continues on SH-66/Main St. in Yukon through fall 2019
Drivers can expect various lane closures on SH-66/Main St. between Cornwell Dr. and Yukon Parkway through fall 2019 for ongoing sidewalk construction. For more information, contact the City of Yukon at 405-354-1895.