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Source: Traditional Unionist Voice – Northern Ireland

Statement by TUV leader JIm Allister:-

“I fear it is wholly disingenuous for Jeffrey Donaldson to say “The DUP is absolutely clear that an all-Ireland economic zone, with all goods and services exclusively under EU rules, and the resulting regulatory border in the Irish Sea is not something we would support”. 

“This, sadly, is what they have signed up to, with the exception of “services”, because the PM’s letter to Tusk and the published document are clear that the all-Ireland regulatory zone will apply to  “all goods” (not just agri-food). Within that zone it is the EU writ, overseen by the ECJ, which will run. While GB breaks free and diverges from EU rules we will remain subject to laws we cannot change and had no part in making. A vassal EU colony!

“To think that the DUP has signed up to such is staggering. Not just does it breach their blood redline, but it sets us up for economic unity with the Republic and increasing divergence from GB. The direction of travel is clear and it certainly does not involve the U.K. leaving the EU as one nation, rather our part is left behind in a foreign single market.

“So, however, salesman Jeffrey might spin it, the DUP has surrendered on a principle central to our sovereignty. If Jeffrey Donaldson is to be believed that the DUP will not support the all-Ireland economic zone under EU rules, then, come clean now and declare they will always exercise any veto on the very thing they have agreed to in principle with the Prime Minister.”

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