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How much time is spent on developing the script of the lesson? Is it possible to get a grant for the textbook? How to engage today’s students? Moscow teachers told how they work in “mash”.

Capital education is impossible without “e-Moscow school,” (“Mash”). The project was launched only three years ago, but already became assistant to teachers, pupils and their parents.

Is the library “mesh” available to users around the world. In store get quality content created by experts and selected by moderators. Now collected more than 38 thousand scenarios of lessons, 1500 electronic manuals and textbooks, and more than 78 thousand interactive educational applications.

For contribution to the development of the project grants of the Mayor of Moscow ‘ve got a thousand educators from more than 360 schools in the city. The size of the grant depends on the type of educational material and the number of references by other teachers. The grant — from 50 to 300 thousand rubles.

As the “Moscow e-school” helps working teachers, why do teachers continue to create content for the library and that it gives the students, discovers

“C “MES” you grow professionally”

Maria Zatolokina, Deputy Director for education, socialization and further education, English teacher of school № 1363:

— I already had experience creating online courses for students, so the project struck me as particularly interesting. Their lessons in the library “mash” I started to do with 2017. Of course, once was not so good. But now the library loaded about 100 of my lessons, about 100 apps and 100 tests, and five e-textbooks. Platform gives you the ability to make lessons interactive and interesting. With “mesh” teachers grow professionally using the experience of colleagues.

Is the library “mesh” serves as a platform for professional development of teachers. There is a huge number of quality approved materials. We can use the already approved lessons which have passed moderation. I often use experience of colleagues, sometimes complement, at its discretion.

Lessons in “mash-up” interactive. In learning English it is important that the lesson was comprehensive study material, including different types of communication: reading, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. In the “mesh” it is possible, also available quick change of activity, which is also very important in the study of foreign languages.

Students like the visual and interactive lessons. But “Moscow e-school” still gives the opportunity to check homework online, attach scripts of lessons for reviewing at home or for students who missed a lesson due to illness. Parents, too, can find materials. I often ask homework in the form attached scenarios lessons from the library “mesh”.

Grants for the creation of the materials, of course, stimulates. Pleasant and cash component. For me it is very important that your lesson is in demand by the professional community. So, your work is truly appreciated and finds approval. I think that is important, not only for me but also for each teacher.

Maybe soon there will be new formats of e-learning. For example, on the basis of “Moscow e-schools” will be video conferencing, workshops, collaborative online tutorials that will allow you to communicate Metropolitan and regional schools. From the best teachers of the country may be able to give classes with use of “mash”. I am convinced that the project will be actively developed, as this platform has already proven its popularity and effectiveness in practice.

“For the first lesson, I received my first grant”

Elena Isaeva, the teacher of initial classes of school № 814:

— Library “mesh” I met in the beginning of 2018 on their own initiative. I heard about the project and I wanted to see what it is. Studied materials and the experience of colleagues who have already prepared the scenario of the lessons, and then decided to develop myself.

The first lesson I created in February of 2018, it was a lesson on the topic of animal husbandry. It made for a long time, because she studied how to insert a picture, a video is suitable and what is not, acquainted with the structure of the scenarios. However, I didn’t care, I wanted to finish the lesson. In the end, the script was approved by moderators, he was in the library “mash”. I’ve been inspired by that for this lesson I got my first grant. Realized that the material needed not only to me and my students, but also colleagues.

Grants are not important in my work with “mash,” not for each class receive a reward. For me it is primarily a recognition that I am moving in the right direction, my work is not just about me. Now the library loaded 48 my lessons six is moderating.

At the moment I teach first grade, with the guys we work in a playful way. For them I create more applications that they worked at home. They have no homework, and app good for fun practice. You can run them anywhere: for example, I went to the cottage this weekend and played in the road. In addition, if the children got sick and missed the class or misunderstood something, I’m giving the link to the article in the library “mesh” denotes the number of the lesson that the child should repeat.

Of course, before you can find some presentations on the Internet, but the lessons in “mesh” different interactivity and variety. Here both tests, videos, and applications. For children, it is more interesting than just watch the presentation and listen to the teacher. Complex material is now presented in a more accessible form.

“The MEH” from all sides: how the project helps teachers, students and their parents “Moscow e-school” included in the list of top 100 educational projects in the world

With colleagues we share experience: tell each other about new systems, discuss which program is better to make the application. We have a chat in messenger in case of any such discoveries.

It is clear that the school will become fully electronic, without a teacher. The teacher still needed for live communication and education. But the children are more advanced technically, they work in a “mesh” is not something unusual, what you need to learn. For them it is the natural environment. If in that natural environment they will comprehend the science, I think that for them it will be more effective.

“Thanks to the “mesh” there are more ideas and opportunities to create lessons”

Catherine Ivanicheva, English teacher of school № 1861 “Zagorje”:

— Writing your first script lesson, I started to work in the summer of 2018. Looked at the work of colleagues and decided to try it too. Long and hard to understand, to to September to prepare a few lessons for sixth and seventh grades. Then received grants. My materials are in demand among colleagues. It’s motivating: I want to do something else that would be useful as for students as for teachers.

In the library “mash” I downloaded the scenario already 62 lessons for fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades, many applications and three electronic textbooks, one of which is aimed at preparing students for the oral English exam in exam format. It fully simulates the real exam and contains a timer which helps to control run time of tasks.

Before the advent of “mash” I was creating presentations for lessons, looking for interesting illustrations. With a “mesh” search is easier and faster: all the materials in a single database comfortable systematic and tested, before we get into sharing. Any of them can be added to their occupation because of this there are more ideas to create new scenarios.

One of my lessons for the seventh grade — “the Sights of the British Isles” — was the first scenario, which other teachers have used more than three thousand times in less than six months. It can not but rejoice!

I’m happy to use experience of colleagues. “Mesh” helps teachers from different schools to exchange experiences, share ideas, create lessons and even entire blocks of script together. These lessons are perfect for classroom and independent work (if the child misses a lesson, he can read it at home). While you always want to make the lessons even more interesting. Most of the time and effort requires training scenarios. On average, the development of the lesson takes three to four days.

The lessons the boys watch videos with native speakers and perform interactive tasks. The children began to learn with fun, even more often go to the Board. As homework is now possible to attach tests. Teachers can easily monitor their execution and to understand how children understand the theme.

To test the material learned is enough for me to run a fragment of the traversed lesson and make sure you guys all remember. The visualization and interactive tasks effectively to explore and test new words, but videos and test tasks to help you better learn the grammar. Parents, too, go to the electronic library where you can find many interesting things.

“Moscow e-school” is a step in the future of education, where thanks to information technology children can learn not only at school but also at home, to develop independently, it is easy to look for the necessary information and to explore the world.

“Students, it is important to share his victory with the teacher”

Olga Sushina, the mathematics teacher of school № 2006:

— Our school was a pilot, we first met with “MEH”. First it was new and then we saw in the system section of the library “mesh”. Naturally, we looked back. Found applications and scenarios of lessons — then they still were not enough, the project was just launched. Then I wanted to participate in the development.

Gradually, we began to actively use the lessons “mash”, replacing their usual presentation. At first I thought that the project will be used for math only for the explanation of new material, and to work his will the same as before. Then, the city was diagnosis. We noticed that the results of the students in those grades where we often turn to the scenarios of lessons “mash”, much higher than the other guys. After that, I changed my mind.

Now practicing the skill in children is by using apps — there are different game tasks. Here are developing the most basic skills. Understandably, the decision has not disappeared, but in “mash” to work on the skill easier.

Also I prefer to do tests of individual tasks for students and ask on this house. The rating is automatically displayed in the electronic journal. I don’t need to spend time to collect notebooks and check the job. I see the result of the child on the eve before the lesson. That is, I night know, what you need to work in the morning in the classroom.

Now shared can find 32 of my lessons with more than 130 applications. Writing a good script that will go to moderation, spend three or three and a half hours. If I prepare a lesson as usual before class, then use as their experience and materials with colleagues from the library “mesh”. It takes about 15 minutes. In addition, due to the development of other teachers can see new facets of the same theme, with which more than once worked.

So the students said thank you. Young teachers — on the beginning, your choice and professional dreams The gadget as a learning tool: the Metropolitan teachers on “e-Moscow school”

Students like the interactive tasks. We even appeared so-called break with the “mash”. All the guys can’t respond to the lesson, and it is important that the teacher be heard. Not just to do the job for tablets, and to share his victory with the teacher. At recess students can access interactive dashboards on any app and test your knowledge. The children also show me other things they found in the library tell you what they are interested in and how to help.

Grants I am not a financial profit, but as a recognition that you’re doing. My materials in the library quite a lot of views, so, colleagues, my job interesting. It encourages and forces you to move on.

When you work with a “mesh” that many interact with the Methodists and grow professionally. They point out some mistakes and inaccuracies. So, we build a lesson according to the classical method, as we once taught. In today’s lesson, calculated including distance learning, slightly different accents.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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