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Bosses from around Auckland will either plunge off the Auckland Sky Tower this Wednesday 6 November – or make the nerve-tingling walk around the tower’s rim – all in the aid of supporting young New Zealanders to find a pathway to a better life.


The occasion is the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s annual Drop Your Boss campaign, which raises funds for the Foundation’s various projects with young people. Over the last 24 years, these projects have helped over 250,000 young Kiwis be more confident, find purpose and direction, and achieve success.


On Wednesday 6 November from 10am, a number of New Zealand’s fearless business leaders will either drop 192 metres from the top of the Sky Tower at speeds of up to 85km/hour, or they will take on the 360 Skywalk challenge. Groups of six will walk their way round the top of New Zealand’s tallest building. With no handrails to separate them from the 192-metre drop, they’ll be stepping out of their comfort zones.

The bosses who have been nominated by their staff to take part in Drop Your Boss include executives and managers from Fidelity Life, Lion, Chapman Tripp, Hudson Recruitment, Kerridge and Partners, SAP, Z Energy, Stride Property, Yellow, Fuji Xerox and Sanitarium — plus teachers from Pinehurst School and Northcross Intermediate and the Foundation’s own Partnerships Manager Claire Baldwin.


In addition Sir Graeme Dingle himself, who is turning 74 at the end of November will also take the leap!


Sir Graeme says Drop Your Boss 2019 is an important initiative that asks business leaders and celebrities to step outside their comfort zone in order to directly influence the lives of the 27,000 Kiwi kids across the country who each year take part in the Foundation’s courses.


“Our tamariki and rangatahi overcome many obstacles in this ever-changing world … so we are asking bosses across New Zealand to accept their own challenge, and show the attributes of resilience and self-belief that we instil in young New Zealanders.


Every day we empower children by nurturing their self-belief. When they believe in themselves, they can see their own strengths and summon, from within, the conviction to overcome challenges, both big and small. Every time these kids bounce back from hardships, they develop resilience, which they will need in order to  respond to challenges.

“We want every child to know what they have inside is greater than any obstacle. With alarming rates of youth suicide, growing poverty, and the continuous impact of social media, growing resilience in our young people has never been more needed.”


Sir Graeme says a key part in the success of the Foundation’s programmes is based on challenging participants to change their perceptions of what they think they can achieve – which makes this unique and novel fundraising event a great fit.


“Drop Your Boss asks our business leaders to face their own biggest fears, to help bring home the challenges facing our youth population.

A recent Infometrics survey found that every $1 invested in Graeme Dingle Foundation programmes results in an average long-term benefit to New Zealand of a nearly $8. People can contribute and show support for the droppers at


Footnote: The registered fearless leaders include:

Ben Holloway – Fidelity Life

John Steiner – Lion

Hamish Bolland – Chapman Tripp

Tony Pownall – Hudson Recruitment

Oliver Hawkley – Kerridge and Partners

Jonathon Tredray – Northcross Intermediate

Nick Quin – SAP

Gerri Ward – Z Energy

Claire Baldwin – Graeme Dingle Foundation

Fabio Pagano – Stride Property

Mandy Tomkins – Yellow

Joe Johansen and Will Elliot – Pinehurst School

Richard Brown   – Sanitarium

Peter Thomas –  Fuji Xerox


About the Graeme Dingle Foundation 

·         The Graeme Dingle Foundation is the highly successful youth charity named in recognition of Kiwi adventurer and personality Sir Graeme Dingle who founded the not-for-profit organisation with his partner Jo-anne Wilkinson in 1995.   

·         Sir Graeme and Lady Dingle had a vision to improve New Zealand’s negative youth statistics. They have helped over 250,000 young Kiwis be more confident, find purpose and direction, and achieve success.   

·         An Infometrics report in 2019 found that New Zealand benefits to the tune of nearly $8 for every $1 invested in the Graeme Dingle Foundation, in the form of reduced crime, young people getting better jobs and fewer young people becoming dependent on benefits.

·         The Graeme Dingle Foundation continues to run school-based programmes for thousands of Kiwis aged between 5 and 18 – Kiwi Can, Stars, Career Navigator and Project K, along with MYND (an Auckland based programme for youth offenders). These initiatives aim to broaden horizons, offer opportunities and give young people the chance to become the next generation of successful parents, leaders and business people.  

·         For more information visit  

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