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Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Scientists at the event focused their discussions on the scientific basis for sustainable development of Vietnam’s marine economy, the current situation, and orientations for the development of marine and coastal economic sectors in the country.

APD Chairman, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thai stressed the need to foster connectivity in sea and coastal regions in order to develop marine and coastal economy.

Dr. Hoang Ngoc Phong, former Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies under the MPI emphasised that maritime economy has become a motivation for national development.

He noted with pleasure that greater investment has been poured into sea and coastal regions to improve the infrastructure and livelihoods of people there. More attention has also been attached to the management, use and protection of marine environmental resources, and to climate change adaption.

However, he pointed out several problems and limitations facing marine economy development, including weak connection between sea and coastal regions and inland regions, marine pollution, and the overexploitation of marine resources.

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