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Source: Government of Greece

Commemorating Greece’s 79th WWII anniversary (October 28), the Consulate General of Greece in New York gave its auspices to the theatrical performance of the play “Goodnight Margarita”, which was staged from November 1 to 3 at the Church of Saints George and Demetrius in Manhattan, New York City by “Cyprus New York Productions”.

The play is a tribute to the exploits of the generation of the ‘40s, which was sacrificed in order for the younger generations to have a better future. It is based on the true story of a school teacher named Margarita Perdikari who lived in the small town of Ioannina in Greece and joined the Greek Resistance against the Nazi occupation. The play is a parallelism between defiled persons and the atrocities of a world at war. It revolves around her personal moral decision to turn down a world of lies and hypocrisy and be sacrificed in order for something purer to take place. 

The performance was directed by Thodoris Petropoulos and Phytos Stratis while the set was staged inside the Church, something which made the interaction between actors and audience unique, since there was no boundary between the stage and the audience, as it happens in a conventional theatre. In addition, the audience was invited to have a look at a photo exhibit, as well as a plaque paying homage to the Greek American parishioners of the Church who fought the world’s war for freedom.

“Goodnight Margarita” was written by Yerasimos Stavrou and is a theatrical adaptation of the short story “Margarita Perdikari” found in the short story collection “The end of our small town” by Dimitris Chatzis. The play was first performed in 1967 from the Manos Katrakis Greek Folklore Company.

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