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Source: First Union

Today’s announcement that ANZ have received Living Wage accreditation should be applauded, and it shows that all banks can afford to and should pay their workers fairly, FIRST Union said today.
“Well done to ANZ for making Living Wage accreditation a priority and congratulations to all of the workers, members and union delegates who made this possible over many years of work,” said Callum Francis, FIRST Union National Organiser for the Finance sector.
“This has not happened through goodwill alone – union members have been bargaining for fairer, higher wages for many years, and today’s announcement would not have been possible without the foundation they established and their commitment to better working conditions for their peers.”
ANZ’s accreditation – the second bank to receive it after Westpac – comes via the Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand Accreditation, and recognises the bank’s direct employees are paid $21.15 per hour or more. The bank says contracted service providers included cleaners, security and concierge will also receive a Living Wage or above in future; something that is crucial to receiving accreditation.
FIRST Union represents over 900 workers through ANZ, ranging from bank service consultants, personal bankers, call centre employees and a variety of back office workers.
“ANZ’s announcement shows that major employers can easily pay workers a wage that lets them live with dignity, not just what’s needed to subsist and scrape by,” said Mr Francis.
“Banks are some of our largest employers in New Zealand, and they have the responsibility of leading the pack and showing that social responsibility is a crucial motivation in being a successful business whose workers are thriving.”
“I hope that other banks in New Zealand are also watching this announcement closely – there is no reason in 2019, given their regular and substantial profits, not to pay their staff a living wage.”
“We hope to see all other banks in New Zealand following this example without hesitation.”

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