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Almost a detective story about a classic piece of British drama, which premiered in Moscow in 1945, and her returning to the same scene after 74 years.

In the Theatre named after A. S. Pushkin took place the premiere of performance “the Inspector came.” The play by the English playwright John Boynton Priestley has already shown at this stage, more than 70 years ago. Then it put the Director and founder of the Chamber theatre of Alexander Tairov. Today she took the Director Oleg Pyshnenko. Everything you need to know about the play and both performances — in the material

The inspector’s visit

1912, London. The owner of a huge factory Arthur birling congratulates on the engagement of his daughter Sheila and her fiancé Gerald Croft. The table also present the wife of Burling and their son. Suddenly, in the midst of the holiday comes into the house inspector gull, who is investigating the mysterious suicide of a poor, unemployed girl Eva Smith. This evening, forever changing the lives of all the participants.

John Boynton Priestley wrote “a Visit from an inspector” in 1945, while in the Zenith of his fame. Behind — the studies at Cambridge, interrupted by the First world (to the front Priestley went straight from the audience), literary-critical experiments, the first big success came with the novel “the Good companions” (1929). Starting to write the play, priestly took place between his fellow countrymen Somerset Moama and Bernard Shaw, and later gradually began to displace their names, the posters of the largest theaters in the UK.

The idea of a play about the inspector who ruined the biased interrogation of the gala evening provided a noble family, came to him at the end of the theatrical season. Only one week was required to Express on paper all the vicissitudes of a complex plot. British theatres with regret have been forced to respond to the playwright who presented a manuscript that you have already plan your next season, and asked to wait.

But the fans Priestley was not only at home but in the distant USSR. By the time his name was known not only employees of Soviet theatres and critics, but ordinary citizens: in Soviet Russia Priestley was his — his plays were published in the major Newspapers of the country. Learning that a famous author wrote a new play, Alexander Tairov, don’t hesitate to has included a new production of the immediate plans of the Moscow Chamber theatre. And in the UK it was put only in a year.

Today the play, which premiered in Moscow, is in the British school curriculum. “Inspector” several times filmed. The first film it was filmed in the UK in 1954. Interest in the play in the homeland of the playwright continues unabated: its 70th anniversary in 2015, said the release of the film with David Tulisa and Sophie Rundle in the lead roles.

Russian audience the plot of the play famous in the film Alexander Proshkin “Inspector gull” (1979), with Juozas Budraitis, by Elena Proklova and Vladimir Zeldina.

Non-English premiere

In the Chamber theatre of Alexander Tairov, with whom he began the Pushkin Theatre, the play “He came” this play showed 6 July 1945. The Prime Minister was loud, anshlagov — the hall was attended by not only myself, John Boynton Priestley, with his wife, Jane, and the British Ambassador, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Maxim Litvinov, foreign journalists.

Priestley was impressed by the play of Paul Gaideburov, August of Miklashevskaya, Sergei Zenina, George Yankovskogo. He said that the performance was a success and it did not disappoint. The audience also loved this show. However, he soon disappeared from the posters: in 1946 there was a decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b), which prohibits the staging of foreign plays in the Soviet theater. And the Chamber theater Tairov soon ceased to exist. In 1950 in the former Chamber theatre opened the Moscow drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin.

“Inspector” today

On the stage “Inspector” offered to return the actor and Director Oleg Pyshnenko. The idea was supported by artistic Director Yevgeny Pisarev.

“I knew almost nothing about this product. But it is an interesting, modern, relevant and very well done piece. Later, when we began to study the history of the creation, I suddenly learned that her Prime Minister — even earlier than in England — was held in the Chamber theatre. I really didn’t know,” says Yevgeny Pisarev.

“The inspector has come” — the directorial debut of actor Oleg Pyshnenko in Moscow. Before that as a Director he collaborated with the Tula municipal theater, where she created performances based on works by A. P. Chekhov, N. In. Gogol and other classics. And the audience of the film know him for his roles Vishnevskogo in the “Profitable place”, Bartolo in “the Marriage of Figaro”, Simeonova-of Pischik in “the Cherry orchard” and others.

“This play told me to a very close person. It intrigued me and interested, I am not indifferent, something in it got me hooked. If this happens, then there is some emotional right to make a spectacle,” — says Oleg Pyshnenko.

Before work the other production of “the Inspector” he did not look fundamentally: in his opinion, it would only prevent the perception. Photos, programs and other materials of the production of 1945 almost gone, so the staging was done from scratch. From the old to the new play version only translation of the play, which used to be a fashion model. It seemed more successful than modern.

The play concluded in the house of the birling family. The scenery, recreating the luxurious interiors of the early twentieth century, worked honored artist of Russia Maxim Scraps. He cooperates with theatres of Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and other countries. In Moscow performances with its decorations are on the stage of the Theatre of Nations, Theatre of a name of Vladimir Mayakovsky, the Vakhtangov Theatre, Et Cetera Theatre named after M. N. Yermolova and others.

Originally the show was planned to put on the small stage in branch theatre in Sytinskiy lane. Evgeny Pisarev saw it as a completely different potential and decided that this piece for the big stage.

“First, it is something that is ignored by many modern authors. They write interesting lyrics, but forget about some of the laws of drama, character development. Here it all is, it’s very well made piece. Secondly, there are two interesting and different positions: whether to only help yourself and your family or to think about others? Here, under the form of detective address important human and social issues,” says the theatre’s artistic Director.

Play a few compositions. The roles performed by Gregory siyatvinda, Vladimir Mayzinger, Andrei Sukhov, Irina Byakova Anna Karmakova, Catherine Rogachkova and others.

The next time the play can be seen on 7 and 8 November.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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