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The Public Policy Research Funding Scheme is open for applications for supporting research studies that investigate the underlying causes of the recent social incidents and deep-seated problems of society.

Chairman of the scheme’s Assessment Panel, Prof Joseph Lee said the research studies should include topics relating to the underlying causes of the recent social incidents, as well as important political, economic, cultural and societal issues relating to society’s deep-seated problems.

“Research reports of the funded projects under the special round of applications will be made public upon satisfactory completion,” he added.

Prof Lee explained that the panel believes such research reports can provide useful data and input for an independent panel’s reference.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced on September 4 the establishment of an independent panel comprising community leaders, professionals and academics to examine and review society’s deep-seated problems.

A sum of up to $500,000 for a period of up to six months may be granted to each approved project and the applications should be submitted on or before November 29.

Assessments will be conducted by the Assessment Panel chaired by and comprising experienced academics. A declaration of interest system is in place to ensure the assessments are fair and impartial.

Research quality and relevance to the underlying causes of the recent social incidents and society’s deep-seated problems are the primary considerations in evaluating research proposals.

Factors such as whether the proposal is solution-oriented, the feasibility and practicality of it as well as implementation schedule and proposed budget will also be taken into account.

For enquiries, please contact the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme Secretariat at 2810 2348 or by email.

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