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Auckland, New Zealand – November 2019. Startup Flowingly officially launched out of “stealth mode” today. The platform currently has 100,000 users on board with clients ranging from government to the Fortune 100.
This move into the public eye is a disruptive challenge to the incumbent, legacy, process management and workflow automation solutions on the market.
The launch comes after Flowingly’s rapid viral growth. The platform has seen more than 100,000 users worldwide successfully map and automate business processes in the last 12 months.
Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Flowingly was started in 2016 by serial tech entrepreneur Jon Kalaugher after witnessing the challenges, frustrations and process improvement project failures caused by the cumbersome, old fashioned, process platforms on the market.
With Flowingly, businesses no longer need to spend millions of dollars to implement workflow solutions. The platform moves process management ownership from the IT department back into the hands of business units themselves.
Kalaugher comments “Our competitors talk about ‘empowering the citizen developer’ but this is just that – talk.”
“The old fashioned, legacy, systems on the market today are so complex they have to be run by the IT department.”
“It’s imperative for teams to truly own their processes to unlock the growth and huge benefits delivered by modern, agile, operating methods.”
“Flowingly has been built from the end user up – anyone, and we mean anyone, can map and automate a process in minutes on a single platform. Flowingly is revolutionizing how teams, departments, and businesses are run.”
Flowingly’s self-service process mapping and automation capabilities make it easy for teams to create, share, collaborate and publish business processes driving continuous improvement.
“This is a real game changer. Anyone who has ever drawn a flowchart can suddenly feel like an expert coder. Simply press “publish” and create a workflow that combines policy with process.” Ben Castelli, Dean of Academic Administration, Redlands (NSW)
About Flowingly:
Flowingly is a New Zealand based software company providing powerful, user-friendly, process mapping and workflow automation on a single easy to use platform for modern businesses globally. Learn more at

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