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A scene from the movie “city Lights”. Directed By Charles Chaplin. 1931

In the collection five old and new movies that are worth seeing on the big screen in the nearest weekend.

In hire leaves a Gothic Thriller with Evgeny Tsyganov, the sequel to “the Shining” and one of the most famous paintings of Charlie Chaplin. Film fans should also pay attention to the retrospective of films of Naomi Kawase and adult tale, Tarsem Singh’s “outland”.

“Doctor Sleep”, directed by Mike Flanagan (2019). USA. 18

“Doctor Sleep” — the film adaptation of the novel by Stephen king and, consequently, the continuation of the cult “the Shining” by Stanley Kubrick. Fans bobrikovskiy picture of 1980 will have the opportunity to return in the sinister corridors of the overlook hotel and find out how was life grown-up Danny TORRANCE.

Danny TORRANCE (Ewan McGregor) 40 years old, he abuses alcohol and still cannot get rid of the ghosts of the past. Despite the bad habits, he still “shines”, that is, has the ability of telepathy and clairvoyance. Danny uses this gift to help hopelessly ill patients prepare for death. One day Danny meets a girl Abreu stone, who has the same gift. She confronts the group of energy vampires who hunt for “bright” children. Danny has to forget about their problems and join the struggle. The role of one of the villains was played by Rebecca Ferguson, in a small role starred Karel Straken, the legendary Giant from “twin Peaks”.

Director Mike Flanagan is not the first time shields works of the King of terrors. In 2017 he made “the Play of Gerald”, and this time has set itself a difficult task: to unite the novel by Stephen king “Doctor Sleep” and the movie “the Shining” by Stanley Kubrick that became classics. This idea was approved by Stephen king, despite the fact that he is known, doesn’t like the Kubrick adaptation.

“Ninth”, directed by Nikolay Khomeriki (2019). Russia. 16

Another terrible Prime Minister, but domestic production. However, with the British actress in the lead role. Daisy head played the psychic from England Olivia Reid, who arrives at the end of the XIX century in St. Petersburg. Residents go crazy for anything connected with the esoteric and the occult, so a seance Olivia popular. At the same time in St. Petersburg is a series of ritual murders of young girls. The investigation of mysterious crimes do police Colonel Rostov (Yevgeny Tsyganov) and his assistant Theodore I. Ganin (Dmitry Lysenko). They decide to seek the assistance of supernatural forces and attracted to the investigation of Olivia.

Nikolay Khomeriki started with the author’s paintings (such as his “Tale of darkness” was included in the competition program of the Cannes film festival in 2009), but eventually turned to movies. Action Gothic detective in the decorations of the XIX century is very different from his latest work (“Icebreaker” and “Selfie”), but resonates with the recent trilogy of other Russian authors — “Gogol”.

“Big city lights”, directed by Charles Chaplin (1931). USA. 6

Surprisingly, it was the film “city Lights”, filmed almost 90 years ago, is still considered the best romantic Comedy by the American film Institute. Dumb painting was created in the era of sound film. The main character — the permanent character of Chaplin the tramp Charlie falls in love with a blind girl that sells flowers. By coincidence, it takes the tramp for a rich man, and he has to support this misconception. The role of the blind flower girl has become the most famous in the career of American actress Virginia Cherrill. Charlie Chaplin in the role of the little tramp, as always, is simultaneously comical and tragic.

As in most of his films, Chaplin plays the role of actor, Director, screenwriter, producer and composer. In the case of “big city Lights” of the great wagon was also involved in the installation. The film takes the 43-th place in IMDb Top 250. By the way, just in this prestigious rating of five films by Charlie Chaplin.

The “Academy”, directed by Naomi Kawase (2015). Japan. 18

Naomi Kawase — the repeated winner and nominee at the Cannes film festival. In 1997, she became the youngest winner of the prize “Golden camera”, and in 2007 took the Grand Prix with the tape “the Mourning forest”. The film “the Academy” was also nominated for the Palme d’or in the program “Special look”, but lost “Sheep” of the Icelander Grimur of Hakonarson.

The films of Kawase’s always minimalistic. These are stories about ordinary people with their ordinary joys and sorrows. The “Academy” tells of the friendship between completely different people, created by… baking. Santaro — owner of a small cafe, which specializiruetsya on traditional Japanese dorayaki dessert — oladushki with a layer of sweet bean paste an (she gave the name of the film). One day he’s getting a job, older lady Toque, which makes the dorayaki special recipe, thanks to which the café is becoming more popular. It is a frequent visitor to the young Wakana is moving closer to Takua and very upset when an elderly woman disappears. The role of Tokwa performed Kirin Kiki, who played the grandmother in “Shop thieves”.

“An” entered a retrospective of the films of Naomi Kawase the cinema network “Moschino”. The film will be shown on 8 November at the cinema “Star” at 20:30. At 19:30 there will be a meeting with Naomi Kawase.

“Outland”, directed by Tarsem Singh (2006). USA, South Africa, India. 12

Hospital Los Angeles, stuntman Roy (Lee pace), who is injured, meets a five year old girl from Romania Alexandria. To entertain the little patient, he tells her a story of his own authorship, which meet bandit, the runaway slave, the Indian, the demolition expert and Charles Darwin. In short, the story the story beyond. The heroes have hard times, because the narrator, who created them, is suffering because of the failure of the sweetheart and even thinking about suicide. Alexandria, which at first was only a listener, feels the state of his new friend and connects to the narrative, to change the mood of the swarm.

The Director of “the Cage” and “outland” has come to the cinema advertising industry, which influenced his future work. “Outland” is particularly distinguished for striking visuals: vivid images of a desert, large textured plans and time lapse, endless expanses of valleys and forests. During filming, Singh and his team traveled to 25 locations in different parts of the world — from France and Italy to Sumatra, India and Namibia. The film was awarded the “Crystal bear” at the Berlin film festival.

To evaluate the visual delights Tarsem Singh will be on 9 November at the cinema “Cosmos” at 19:30.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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