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Source: US State of Georgia

ATLANTA (November 7, 2019) | Sen. Emanuel Jones (D – Decatur) issued the following statement on the results of the recent ballot referendum held to update the DeKalb County Board of Ethics and how ethics complaints would be handled by the County.

“Based on the outcome of Tuesday’s referendum, it is clear the DeKalb County delegation still has work to do to produce a reasonable solution to ethics reform in our county,” said Sen. Jones. “Doing nothing is not an option, as the Georgia Supreme Court has already ruled that changes to the DeKalb Board of Ethics must take place. Specifically, the current composition of the Board was ruled to be unconstitutional and a referendum updating the membership of the Board must be adopted in order for the Board to actively investigate ethics complaints. Therefore, the Joint Senate and House DeKalb County delegation will appoint a taskforce whose goal will be to gather information and provide recommendations on legislation to be introduced in the 2020 Legislative Session. I am committed to working with the Co-Chair of the Joint Senate and House DeKalb County delegation Rep. Karla Drenner (D – Avondale Estates), along with all other delegation members and stakeholders in our community to produce meaningful legislation that will enhance DeKalb County’s ethics procedures.” 

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November 7, 2019

Andrew Allison, Broadcast Specialist