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Next week residents of the capital will be able to listen to public lectures on the prevention of various diseases and also to attend classes and to receive consultations of doctors.

Lecture about diabetes

Location: city polyclinic № 45

Address: 5-th voykovskiy proezd, house 12

Date and time: 11 November at 16:00

Phone: 7 (499) 457-31-51

For those who suffer from diabetes and for people with predisposition to this disease will be organized thematic lectures. Specialists will talk about prevention of diabetes and its complications. Admission is free.

The world day of struggle against diabetes

Place: city hospital № 11 branch № 1

Address: street of Architect Vlasova, the house 31

Date and time: 11 November at 09:00

Phone: 7 (495) 135-23-03

On the eve of world day against diabetes patients talk about the disease and its prevention and treatment. After the lecture, the assistants will answer all your questions. Pre-registration is not required.

Lecture on the prevention of pneumonia

Venue: children’s city polyclinic № 99, branch № 1

Address: losevskaya ulitsa, building 4

Date and time: 12 November at 09:00

Phone: 7 (495) 682-84-17

The lecture parents talk about the importance of vaccination for prevention of pneumonia. Attendees will learn all about this infection and no vaccine in existence today. Admission is free.

Remedial gymnastics

Location: city polyclinic № 175

Address: Chelyabinsk street, house 16, building 2

Date and time: 12 November at 14:00

Phone: 7 (495) 410-10-61

Doctors of polyclinic № 175 will give a session on exercises for osteoporosis. In addition, experts will talk about the proper mode of physical activity in this disease and show you exercises to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. No appointment is necessary.

The conversation about the prevention of chronic diseases

Location: city polyclinic № 109

Address: ulitsa Gur’yanova, Dom 4, korpus 3

Date and time: 13 November at 13:00

Phone: 7 (499) 786-13-39

Residents of the area Printmakers are invited to meet with the doctors, who will talk about the prevention and treatment of chronic noncommunicable diseases. Admission is free.

Lecture on child hygiene

Venue: children’s city policlinic No. 61, branch № 3

Address: 2-ya Sinichkina street, the house 6

Date and time: 13 November at 12:00

Phone: 7 (495) 362-11-26

Experts of children’s polyclinic № 61 will give a lecture on the hygiene of children under five and prevention of urinary tract infections. After the lecture, parents will be able to ask questions and get recommendations. Pre-registration is not required.

Outdoor diagnostic day in Desenovskoe

Place: clinic Vatutinsky

Address: settlement Desenovskoe, Novobaturinsky Avenue, 12A

Date and time: 14 November at 08:00

Phone: 7 (499) 962-47-31

A Day of diabetes Desenovskoe residents can get free medical examinations to determine General health, and to learn about the risk factors of diabetes. Registration is not required, but you must have a passport.

Open doors day at the clinic number 115

Location: city policlinic No. 115, branch № 4

Address: street of Marshal Birjuzova, house 30

Date and time: 14 November at 09:00

Phone: 7 (499) 728-03-73

Open doors day at the clinic number 115 is timed to the world day against diabetes. Everyone will be able to measure the sugar level in the blood using the rapid method as well as to learn about treatment and prevention of diabetes. Measurement should be taken on an empty stomach. Admission is free.

Talk about the dangers of Smoking

Venue: consultative and diagnostic center No. 6, No. 2 branch

Address: Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, building 59

Date and time: 15 November at 16:00

Phone: 7 (495) 483-36-56

At an open session of the school of quitting Smoking, doctors will tell you about the dangers of Smoking, carcinogenic effects of tobacco smoke, will give recommendations for those who want to give up this bad habit. The event is timed to the International day of refusal of Smoking. Admission is free.

School of young parents

Venue: children’s city clinical hospital No. 23, a branch № 1

Address: Biryulevskaya ulitsa, 25

Date and time: November 15 at 11:00

Phone: 7 (499) 638-30-39

School of young parents will focus on the lifestyle of the family. In particular, the experts will tell you how bad habits of parents can affect the baby’s health. Registration is not required.

Open day at the children’s clinic

Venue: children’s city polyclinic № 39

The passage of a Birch Grove, the house 2

Date and time: 16 November at 09:00

Phone: 7 (499) 399-39-39

Health center children’s city polyclinic № 39 will hold an open doors day for children and adolescents. Everyone will be able to pass a General medical examination and visit of the surgeon, the traumatologist-orthopedist, cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, ENT and ophthalmologist. In addition, during the day, will lecture on the prevention of various childhood diseases. Admission is free.

Day women’s health

Location: diagnostic center № 3

Address: Sormovskaya street, the house 9

Date and time: 16 November at 09:00

Phone: 7 (499) 638-30-70.

In the framework of the campaign “Day of female health” will be free to pass tests such as blood cholesterol, glucose and creatinine. In addition, everyone will be able to consult an obstetrician-gynecologist. Reception is conducted by appointment by phone. You must have a passport and medical insurance, as well as data of previous surveys (if available).

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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