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How to obtain a grant of Mayor of Moscow in the sphere of culture and art? spoke to three young winners of the contest.

2015 best creative pupils of schools and colleges of the capital awarded grants of the Mayor of Moscow. How to get said the winners of the grant contest of 2019 in the nomination “Academic vocal” and “Architecture and design” and the winner of the Grand Prix — winner of I degree in the nomination “Theatrical art”.

Anastasia Kolobanova: “victory in this competition, I wanted a few years”

The winner of the contest “Grants of the Mayor of Moscow in the sphere of culture and art 2019” in the nomination “Academic vocal” of the I degree

I have been doing music from childhood — in the five years I attended music clubs, played on the piano. Then, in seven years, went to music school — children’s school of arts № 14. I finished it in three sections: piano, organ and choreography. And did not even have other thoughts about what to do in the future — only music.

Music school I am studying at the College of music and theatre arts named after Galina Vishnevskaya in the vocal Department. Now I study in Academy of choral art named after V. S. Popov on the musical theatre faculty.

On competition of grants of the Mayor of Moscow I applied three years in a row. This year is the first time I managed to reach the third, final round. When it turned out that I won, I was in shock. Because it really is a huge victory for me, the first big victory in my creative life. I was very eager for this — the last few years it was my dream. During the execution, and the ceremony is very worried.

Effort to prepare the attached is very large. Much time was occupied by resistant rehearsals, lessons with my teachers, with an accompanist. For the contest we chose a product that I feel confident that I could show themselves from the best side. And they had to be diverse. In each round had their work requirements. In the third round it was possible to fulfill any essay on the selection of those that I sang in the first two. I performed the Aria of ASI from the eponymous Opera by M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov and the song “I’m here, inezilya” M. I. Glinka.

In the future, of course, plan to pursue a career, participate in contests, to reach a new level. After the Academy, may go to graduate school or assistantship.

Those who love classical singing, I would strongly recommend to go for new and classic productions in Moscow theatres and concert halls. The great hall of the Moscow Conservatory and very good from the standpoint of acoustics and in terms of repertoire. In the “charge” is also a nice modern hall with excellent acoustics. I also love all of our Moscow musical theatres and the Bolshoi theatre and “Helikon-Opera” and “New Opera”, and a Chamber music theatre named after B. A. Pokrovsky, and many others. In Moscow there are all the opportunities to listen to the greatest masters of vocal performers of international level.

Valery Grachev: “the Grant will help to see the work of your favorite architect”

The winner of the contest “Grants of the Mayor of Moscow in the sphere of culture and arts — 2019” in the nomination “Architecture and design” of the I degree

I am 16 years old and I attend the children’s art school “Start”. From childhood I liked drawing, and it so happened that in the end, this hobby grew into a love of architecture. In “Start” I went to 10 years. To be honest, before this time I didn’t even know that such art schools even exist. About it I told my friend, a sculptor, and my parents decided me to give back. I really liked it, I stayed and did not regret it. Future also hope to link with architecture, plan to enter the Moscow architectural Institute.

The competition for the grants of the Mayor of Moscow in a sense, was unexpected. In art school I was told that there would be such an event and asked to bring all their work to submit for the first round.

Mainly these paintings are made in the schedule, as it is my favorite style. Small details, drawing — all that I like. I have presented mainly the major work that we did in art school. For example, working with Celtic knots. Needed in the graph to represent the pattern and make with it the composition, working with color sheet and using different colors. Each of the guys worked in his style. I chose the Celtic — I love their ornaments, they look very interesting.

I love to travel the world, see different interesting places. In terms of architecture, I was very inspired by Rome. Such beautiful buildings and monuments, especially in such quantity, I have not seen anywhere else. I’m still under the impression, despite the fact that it was long enough.

In Moscow, in my opinion, too beautiful. By the way, unlike many European cities we have a nice sleeping areas. My favourite place is Gorky Park. In terms of architecture, I like the street near the metro station Kuznetsky most, Rozhdestvenka for example, the building of the Moscow international trade Bank, the building of Moscow architectural Institute. More importantly MSU, Stalin’s Empire is interesting. Kutuzovsky Prospekt is also very beautiful.

A grant I would like to invest in the journey: it may be, will meet with parents somewhere in Europe — see monuments, visit famous museums. Let’s start with Barcelona there is Gaudi and it’s my favorite architect.

Nicholas Kopaliani, “a solo performance which brought the Grand Prix, we worked for two years”

The winner of the Grand Prix of the competition “Grants of the Mayor of Moscow in the sphere of culture and art 2019”, the winner of I degree in the nomination “Theatrical art”

Children’s music school named after K. V. Molchanova, I went to eight years. And I was immediately involved in a musical performance “Terkin alive!” by Tvardovsky. I liked it on every rehearsal and I have fun. And when I first came on the scene, I realized that it was mine. I already thought about the future and shared with parents, friends and family that want to continue to do acting, and singing, and dancing, because it brings me enormous pleasure, and I dream to connect my life with it. After school I plan to enroll in a theater Institute.

Now I am 14 years old. A little solo performance that I won the competition on competition of grants of the Mayor of Moscow, my teachers had been planned two years ago. With the boys and Director of school every year at the end of study going on the so-called “challapata” — roast barbecue, stroll, communicate, including discussing creative plans. And so, two years ago, “sassiety” the Directors told me that in the summer I read the book of Nodar Dumbadze “I, grandmother, Iliko and Hilarion.”

I read it, and in the beginning of the next school year, we began working on a play based on this novel. The text is not the only thing in this statement: I’m still dancing two Georgian dance and sing a song. All turned out, and already the first contest of the Winter theatre games at school “Hope” — we realized that we should go with him.

At each competition with this performance I took the top places. After another victory, Sergei Medvedev, our Director said that we should try to apply for the grant of Mayor of Moscow.

For me it was very important to win the nomination. When Vladimir Mashkov announced that I won first place, I, of course, came on the scene very happy! Sat back — and when I said I took the Grand Prix, I didn’t believe — thought I heard. To say I was shocked is to say nothing. This was the great efforts and I’m very happy to win. Thanks to my Directors and to all my teachers.

When they brought me to music school, I cried and asked parents not to send me there. But as soon as classes started, I realized that it was very interesting. So I think that children need to be school of art: first, the child should definitely try myself in this matter — and then he realizes, he likes the work or not.

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