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Source: Labour List UK

The campaign group that pushed for Labour to bring forward its decarbonisation target to 2030 at party conference in September is launching its own general election campaign today.

Through its network of 50 local groups, Labour for a Green New Deal plans to mobilise party members and use their people power to win the “climate election” for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

They will hold canvassing sessions with Labour activists specifically focussed on climate policy, with a national weekend of action scheduled to take place on November 30th and December 1st.

All such activities are set to be coordinated with local parties – complementing the work that is already being undertaken across the country rather than frustrating or supplanting it.

Labour GND has created a ‘resource bank’ to help new canvassers or those who have never talked about climate policy on the doorstep before. The pack includes a training guide, advice on how to run a ‘day of action’ and a script.

The script offers suggestions for answers to tricky questions from members of the public, such as why they should vote Labour over the Green Party, and generally advises supporters to use local examples and personal anecdotes.

The campaign group also intends to build a ‘digital climate army’ comprising videographers, graphic designers and artists, who will help promote Labour’s green industrial revolution plan to new audiences.

‘Climate canvasses’ are taking place…

  • In Putney on November 23rd for candidate Fleur Anderson;
  • In Wimbledon on November 24th for candidate Jackie Schneider;
  • In Battersea on November 30th for candidate Marsha de Cordova;
  • In North East Derbyshire on December 7th for candidate Chris Peace;
  • Plus – a green industrial revolution rally in Newcastle on November 21st and a national ‘weekend of action’ from November 29th.

Commenting on the launch, group co-founder Chris Saltmarsh said: “Labour for Green New Deal activists are going all out right now taking Labour’s message of economic transformation and climate action to the public – on the doorstep, on the phone and online. 

“From climate stalls in Glasgow to rallies in Newcastle and canvassing sessions in London , we’re mobilising across the country for Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution. And we’re just getting started.”

Recent polling by YouGov found that 56% of British adults endorse the idea of total decarbonisation by 2030 – and majority support for this ambitious target is present across all age groups.

Touching on that research, Labour for a Green New Deal spokesperson Lauren Townsend said: “Recent polls are clear: people want radical action on climate and they want it now. 

“In this climate election, there’s only one party that is capable of delivering a programme to decarbonise and upgrade the economy by 2030: the Labour Party. Labour’s green industrial revolution will tackle the climate crisis and build a fairer, more equal and more prosperous society in its place.”

Labour conference voted to aim for net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, whereas the Liberal Democrats are retaining their 2045 deadline and the Tories have a government target of 2050.

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