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In the district, which is located entirely outside Moscow, engaged in the development of social and transport infrastructure. Here build sports complexes, kindergartens, and after a few years in North metro will come.

In the North will soon open a new kindergarten. Building on Chelobitevskoe highway is almost completed, and until the end of the year, it plans to put into operation. It will be calculated for several pre-school groups (225 children).

New three-storey building was built at the expense of the city budget. On the area more than three thousand square meters will house game rooms, and bedrooms, music and sports halls, a medical unit, a speech therapist and psychologist.

Around the building made nine areas for walks with the lawn and sunshades. In addition, for children equipped sports area with a coating of rubber crumb. On the territory of planted trees and shrubs.

In recent years, the North began to actively build up, and thus, social objects are relevant as never before. In this relatively new district of the capital is already home to over 33 thousand people.

Center of science and sport

Near North is the famous Moscow physical-technical University, better known as Phystech. Among the inhabitants of the district many of its graduates. A few years ago in the North opened “Festejar”. This industrial Park is composed of large corporations and young companies, focusing on information technology.

Residents of “Technopark” more than 50 companies that are engaged in developments in the field of machine learning, robotics, Neurotechnology, eSports, virtual and augmented reality, microelectronics and blockchain.

In Technopark regularly held exhibitions, forums and conferences, science festivals, educational programs. Here is the center of eSports, and local residents can use the gym and visit the natural Park on site.

Soon the North will be pulled, and professional athletes — the construction of a multifunctional complex for pyatibortsev. He should be the first in Russia, where pyatibortsy will be able to train under one roof. The complex will include sections in all disciplines of the pentathlon — athletics, archery, swimming, fencing and show jumping.

On the ground floor 50-meter pool at eight tracks, horse arena and stables, administrative offices. At the second — shooting ranges for archery and air guns, a gym, a medical unit, a room for dry sailing. The third floor is devoted to the training of tiru (the firing of laser weapons). In the same premises for the recovery of athletes and staff of the sports complex. On the fourth floor — the track and field arena with running tracks and playing field, the fifth — facilities for temporary stay of the athletes.

New public transport

In 1996 the students of the Institute staged a Grand April fools joke, which I remember to this day. They are printed in the printing of stickers with the image constructed of gray metro line to the station “Institute” and glued them to the schema in the subway cars. Many of the passengers believed it and started to call metro to find out details. But then no one was planning to pull the line underground for MKAD, but the joke proved to be prophetic: in 2016 the decision was made to build the station “Phystech”, which should become final on the lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line.

Green branch is approaching the North of the capital gradually. It is expected that active work in the North is expected to start in 2021, and to complete the construction of the subway going to the end of 2023. While Muscovites are asking about whether to open new stations in the framework of voting in the project Active citizen. But wait for the decision of a transport question a few years the locals don’t have. This year they will have the so-called Skytrain — the Moscow Central diameters.

There are two platform — Dolgoprudnaya and Novodachne, which became part of the IDC-1 “Belarus-Savelovskaya”. Along with the usual commuter trains in the diameters will run comfortable trains, “Oriole”, which have no platforms, in the carriages there is a system of microclimate maintenance, bike carriers, Luggage space, information screens, USB outlets, free wifi, areas for disabled passengers, changing tables, touch-sensitive faucets and automatic hand dryers in the toilets.

In the framework of the project the IDC station Dolgoprudnaya rekonstruiruet. Instead of the old coast and began to build two new platform island type. Passengers make ground lobby with turnstile-ticket hall. It will install escalators and elevators. The platform will build new and existing rekonstruiruet way, engineering networks and communications. To finish works it is planned in the next year.

Construction for motorists

In the North are building and roads. One of the biggest recent projects was the reconstruction of the Dmitrov highway. Was built an interchange at the intersection of highway and the Moscow ring road and three flyovers from MKAD to the borders of the city. This increased bandwidth is the main district thoroughfare. And the construction of new roads has allowed to expand the highway to five lanes — speed of traffic on this section increased by 15 percent.

Also in the area there is a new public transport routes: No. 843, T78″ and No. 867.

The region of ponds, lakes and birds

The North is known for its beautiful nature. For example, in the reserve “Long ponds” there are two lakes and two ponds, which gave the name to the natural Park. The complex includes the former parkland estates Vinogradovo and zabolottya.

The Northern district is home to the biggest in Moscow a colony of black-headed gulls. Next to them are home to rare waterfowl and shorebirds, including listed in the Red book of Moscow. Meadows, woods and ponds of the nature reserve there are also red-listed plants and animals, and in the forest grow old spruce, pine, oak, Linden and birch. Plans to create a Park waterfowl and wading birds.

In the coming years plans to renovate a Large Turakovskie pond in Arkhangelsk-Turikova and Pakhomovskaya pond in zabolottya. Specialists will clean the bed of the ponds, dredged bottom, strengthen the shoreline. In 2019 completes the landscaping of the parkland around the manor Arkhangelsk-Tyurikovo. Already put in order the territory of the school of Olympic reserve and the area around it.

From noble estates to the working village

The history of the North village, which gave name to the capital district, originates in the XVI century. That’s when you start getting mentions of this site. At that time there was a manor Vinogradovo, the owners of which in different years visited Pushkin, Dolgorukovs, Vyazemsky and Benkendorf. Was located in this place and summer residence of the rich in Moscow and St. Petersburg nobility. In 1656 in the village of Vinogradovo, not far from the manor, built a Church in the name of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God with the chapel of St. Nicholas.

The village, called the North was formed in the mid-twentieth century simultaneously with the Northern water station. It was to be built to supply the capital with drinking water in 1947 and came close to a town for the workers and employees, for approximately two thousand people. Only, it was planned to build 150 two-storey houses with garden plots in which to live for four families. Each its own system of water supply, heating, gas and telephones.

The station opened on 12 April 1952. Then came the resolution of Council of Ministers of the RSFSR “On education of the camp North of waterworks”. Therefore, 12 APR considered to be the birthday of the village. The status of Metropolitan area municipal district Northern received in 1995 and in the 2000s there has been large-scale housing construction began to build multi-storey houses and cottages.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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