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In particular, expectant mothers are required to take the tests, vaccinations, and to give up bad habits.

Women and men who become parents do not always properly prepare for this important step. According to statistics, only 6-7% of the expectant mothers go to the doctor, to learn how to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Irina Burenina, obstetrician-gynaecologist, doctor of higher category, head of women’s consultation # 3 of the maternity hospital of city clinical hospital № 40 The Department of health of Moscow told about the main misconceptions when planning pregnancy.

“The main mistake is to believe that before pregnancy, women do not need to contact the obstetrician-gynecologist and undergo a medical examination. To pass tests and receive treatment in identifying any abnormalities is important before pregnancy. This will allow to prevent negative consequences for women and for the unborn baby,” said the doctor.

Some women are not tested for hepatitis, HIV and sexually transmitted infections. It is also very important to take a blood test for TORCH infections: rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus.

If before pregnancy did not know about the presence of the disease, the risk of intrauterine infection of the fetus, ectopic pregnancy, development of placental insufficiency and syndrome of delayed fetal development. In addition, rubella and toxoplasmosis in the mother can lead to different malformations of the unborn child, and cytomegalovirus and herpes to lesions of the Central nervous system.

To irreversible consequences that can result and the absence of vaccination. When planning pregnancy, the doctors always direct women to be tested for antibodies to various infections and, if necessary, to get a vaccination if it has not been done before.

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Partner when planning a pregnancy also need to see a doctor. “Pregnancy preparation for both prospective parents is required because both the man and the woman equally provide the embryo with genetic material and are jointly responsible for the health of the unborn baby,” explains Irina Burenina.

In addition to the General tests and examinations, the man may need a semen analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to find out the ability of men to procreate. The results will tell you about the number, shape and vitality of sperm.

In addition, at the planning stage of pregnancy, the doctor recommends to avoid Smoking and alcohol both women and men.

“Examination is recommended at least three months prior to conception. Special care should be taken during this period to women who have already had experience of failed pregnancies,” said obstetrician-gynecologist.

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In recent years, in the capital’s maternity care system, much has changed: introduced new technologies, increased the number of perinatal centres, new parents give baby kits, doctors give advice on how to plan a healthy birth, and fathers now easier to get into the room.

Today in Moscow there are 132 women, 45 Department of gynecology and obstetric hospital of 24, including five perinatal centers.

Antenatal work closely with maternity hospitals and hospitals. In 19 such associations a woman can obtain a full range of medical services: treatment of gynecological disorders, management of pregnancy, delivery, nursing premature infants in the neonatal ward.

In perinatal centers with modern equipment, allowing to nurse the infants with the lowest weight. New medical technique gives the ability to conduct those studies that cannot be performed in other conditions.

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