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Source: Republic of Greece – Foreign Affairs

We condemn today’s statements from the Turkish leadership.

The violator par excellence of international law in the region persists in failing to realise that illegality does not produce law.

Turkey’s ongoing violations, sometimes in the form of threats and other times through practical violations of international law, unfortunately not only confirm this
capacity but also undermine the stability and interests of all the peoples of the wider region.

They also demonstrate Turkey’s flagrant contempt for the principles of good neighbourly relations, the cornerstone of the peaceful coexistence of states and a
fundamental precondition for Turkey’s European perspective.

It is sad that the Turkish President chose to turn a project of peaceful cooperation into a show of belligerent rhetoric and contempt for international legality.

The withdrawal of the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Dimitris Oikonomou, from the event was a natural consequence and practical condemnation of these statements.

We hope the Turkish leadership comes to realise that respect for international law is not an option, but an absolute obligation.

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