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In “charge” listen to a lecture about the king of pop art, go to an exhibition of infrared photographs to the New Tretyakov gallery, and in “Helikon-Opera” enjoy one of the most beautiful operas by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. 10 ways to spend the evening from Monday to Sunday.

In the capital came to the cold, and this is another reason to look into the museums, theatres and concert halls. About how to meet the winter most interesting — in the material

Studying the history of pop art

Date: 2 Dec

Place: Zaryadye Park, pavilion “Protected the Embassy”

Address: ulitsa Varvarka, house 6, building 1

Time: 19:00-20:30

Age restrictions: 0

The poet and novelist Dmitry Makarov lecture the phenomenon of Andy Warhol — the artist who turned the products of mass consumption into art and revolutionized pop culture. Some consider Warhol a charlatan, others are ready to pay fabulous sums for his work. Who is right?

Dmitry Makarov tells how a sickly boy from a poor family, has become an icon of pop art, and explain what can be considered a work of art and what is not.

Need check.

Learn to understand Soviet art

Date: 3 Dec

Venue: Moscow Museum of modern art

Address: Ermolaevsky lane, 17

Time: 19:30-21:30

Age limit: 12

Socialist realism as the main method of Soviet art demanded from the artist a truthful picture of the revolutionary reality. Truthfulness in this case was to serve the ideas of socialism: painting, film and literature with the same optimism looked to the Communist future.

PhD art historian Kirill Alekseev tell as socialist realism moved into a severe style, depicting the lives of the members of the romantic professions — geologists, oil workers, seamen and others, and also about how the Soviet Union developed an informal art — conceptualism, Sots art and political actionism 1990-2000-ies.

Consider “Invisible light”

Date: 3 Dec

Location: New Tretyakov Gallery

Address: street the Crimean Shaft, 10

Time: 10:00-21:00

Age restrictions: 0

In the New Tretyakov gallery opens the exhibition Arsene revazova “Invisible light” that included more than 100 works made in the technique of infrared photography.

The first section of the exhibition project “Red-beautiful”, curator of which in 2017 was the journalist and public figure Anton Nosik. Infrared pictures the photographer tried to convey the immensity and layering the concept of “Russia” from country’s interior to the panorama of the big city, filmed from a great height.

The second section consists of photos the size of a meter and a half, made in different cities around the world with the use of double exposure. The third section, created with the participation of the architect and artist Alexander Brodsky about Venice is the space filled with video projections of works of Arsene revazova. The fourth section presents three monumental panoramas, and more than 30 architectural and landscape scenes on large format infrared film, using a black filter.

Looking for a painting in the movie

Date: December 4

Venue: culture center ZIL

Address: East street, 4, building 1

Time: 19:00-21:30

Age limit: 18

At the meeting of the cinema lecture “The meaning and form of beauty: art cinema in dialogue with the world of painting. The picture in the picture” anthropologist Anna Ostrovskaya will tell about the fate and work of two Directors, whose work is closely connected with fine art.

Peter Greenaway was unable to film school, became an artist and for 11 years he worked as an editor of documentary films, then there was his directorial debut — a film “the draughtsman’s Contract”, which brought him huge success. Another hero of the lecture, Patrice chéreau was born in a family of artists. The inspiration for his film “Queen Margot”, which won at the Cannes film festival jury prize, largely based on samples of European painting.

The story the lecturer will illustrate with excerpts from films.

Get acquainted with the actual classics

Date: 5 Dec

Venue: Moscow international house of music

Address: Kosmodamianskaya embankment, 52, building 8

Time: 19:00-21:00

Age limit: 6

The actual evening of the classics Re: Formers Fest will gather on one stage musicians from around the world. Will perform with the Moscow Musica Viva chamber orchestra, violinist Boris Brovtsyn, percussionist and composer Nebojsa Zivkovic, saxophonist Vitaly Vatulya, pianist Maria Nemtsova and drummer Rostislav Balchunas.

The musicians will begin with the Concerto No. 2 for violin by Dmitri Shostakovich, and the second branch will devote the entire twenty-first century. You will hear the Concerto for marimba and orchestra by contemporary Slovenian author Slavko Sulara, as well as the Concerto for saxophone, piano and percussion with orchestra Takashi Ishimatsu — composer, the music which you hear the influence of jazz, rock and Japanese classical music.

re:Formers. What to listen to at the international festival of contemporary classics

Go to Non/fiction

Date: 5-9 December

Venue: Gostiny Dvor

The address: street Ilyinka, 4

Time: 14:00-21:00 (December 5), 11:00-20:00 (6-9 December)

Age restrictions: 0

International fair of intellectual literature in this time will be held at the new location in the arcade. Every day until next Monday inclusive, writers, publishers, literary critics will meet here to talk about the important new books you might have missed. Find a lecture or round table, which topic you are interested, you can schedule.

Guest of the fair this year — the State of Israel. On December 8 planned eight thematic events — meetings with Israeli writers, lectures of researchers of modern Israeli literature and presentations of books, recently translated into Russian language.

Read the Bible in engravings

Date: 6 Dec

Place: State Museum of architecture Schusev

Address: ulitsa Vozdvizhenka, 5/25 house

Time: 11:00-20:00

Age restrictions: 0

Exhibition “The Christmas story in the West European engraving XV–XVIII centuries” focuses on how perceived biblical stories Albrecht Durer, Francesco Parmigianino, Hendrik Goltzius, Peter Paul Rubens, Gustave doré, Claude Vignon, and other distinguished artists of this period, as well as the unknown authors of the XV and beginning of XVI century from the Netherlands and France.

Eight sections of this exhibition correspond to certain events from the history of Christianity: from the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem before fleeing to Egypt. Spectators waiting for the 32 original antique prints, some of which are exhibited for the first time.

Antique engravings. Which seen Moscow travelers XVII–XIX centuries

Watching Soviet movies

Date: 7 Dec

Location: New Tretyakov Gallery

Address: street the Crimean Shaft, 10

Time: 18:00-20:00

Age limit: 12

In The New Tretyakov Gallery show movies Soviet Director Vladimir Bychkov, Mikhail Kalik, Inna Tumanyan and.

“Tamboo-Lamba” — the directorial debut of Vladimir Bychkov, a short film, loosely based on the story of Galina Karpenko. This is a story about two guys, miethe and Vova, who are looking for the owner of a notebook that was left in a phone booth.

The film “Love” of Inna Tumanyan and Mikhail Kalika — stories of ion Druta, Avenir Zak, Isay Kuznetsov, Vladimir Sapozhnikov and Yuri Kazakov. Four kinonovell about love begins with an epigraph from the old Testament and interspersed with documentary footage, in which Inna Tumanyan interviews random people and asks what it means to love.

The films will be presented by film critic Artem Sopin. Entrance to the show for free tickets, which can be obtained from the cashier of the New Tretyakov gallery for half an hour before the session.

Remember “The Great Gatsby”

Date: 8 Dec

Place: State Museum of A. S. Pushkin

The address: street Prechistenka, 12/2 building

Time: 18:00-19:15

Age limit: 6

In the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin will be held jazz concert dedicated to the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald “the Great Gatsby”. He tells us about the roaring twenties — a time of loud parties and questionable transactions. The writer himself called the period between the First world war and the great depression jazz age. During these years, was established classics of the genre — ragtime Scott Joplin, musical miniatures of Leroy Anderson, the works of George Gershwin. It will perform on December 8 the chamber orchestra “Instrumental Capella”.

Going to the show in Soviet fiction

Date: 8 Dec

Place: Moscow drama theatre “Sphere”

Address: Karetny Ryad, building 3, building 6

Time: 18:00-20:50

Age restriction: 16

In the theater “Sphere” will show “The hyperboloid of engineer Garin” based on the novel by Alexei Tolstoy. The main character, a Soviet engineer Petr Garin, design the perfect weapon and begins to take over the world using threats and economic fraud. It stops a Soviet agent Vasili Shelga, which raises a rebellion.

Premiere of this production took place in may 2019. In addition to the original text by Alexei Tolstoy, on stage sound fragments from “Crime and punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsky and “the Yoke of war” by Leonid Andreyev, the songs from the play “the Threepenny Opera” by Bertolt Brecht and film “Cabaret” by Bob Fosse. Director Gleb Cherepanov calls the production a hilarious tragicomedy and dilutes the performance of the circus — performances of mimes and magicians.

The show will also be held on December 26, 16 and 25 January.

“The hyperboloid of engineer Garin”: see the new performance of the theatre “Sphere”

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