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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng has returned to Hong Kong after receiving medical treatment in Beijing following the assault in London.


Ms Cheng was injured while attending an event in London on November 14 and was sent to hospital for treatment.


Under arrangements by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Kingdom, Ms Cheng then went to Beijing for further medical check-ups and treatment at a hospital there.


The justice chief updated reporters on her condition when she arrived at Hong Kong Airport this evening.


My injury from the left wrist is a certain bone fracture around the wrist and with partial dislocation of the wrist.


The hand is of course painful, but it is more painful at the heart to see Hong Kong is still at the state that we are in. This disorderly behaviour to me is even more painful than my arm


I have done the operation in London and when the embassy arranged my return to the country, I arrived in Beijing and went to the Beijing hospital for further check-ups and medical treatment.”

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