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Photo: Press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow. Maxim Mishin

Now you can hold about 7.5 thousand operations a year, including patients with the most dangerous malignant tumors of the head and neck.

Surgical building of city clinical oncological hospital № 1 has been repaired. Sergei Sobyanin examined the results of the work, visited the operating unit, a single ward and talked to patients.

A comprehensive overhaul of the seven-storey building with an area of 10.1 thousand square meters led from 2011 to 2019. Hospital building No. 8 was built on a Suburban road in 1981.

Specialists have updated the system of water supply and sanitation, heating, electricity, ventilation and smoke. They replaced the roof and window units mounted ventilated facade. Also conducted a comprehensive building automation. In the chambers set the alarm for rapid communication with health post, equipped with fire fighting system and access control. Operating unit and intensive care unit equipped with automatic doors. The corps has installed two new Elevator and for people with limited mobility are equipped with ramps.

Patients are accommodated in comfortable single and triple rooms with separate showers and restrooms. Also a convenient room and area doctors and nurses.

Medical corps equipped with modern equipment. At the disposal of doctors:

— state of the art MRI scanner that can detect tumors a few millimeters in size

— endovideoscopic complex, allowing studies of the entire gastrointestinal tract and bronchopulmonary system

mobile devices of artificial ventilation of lungs.

To operating installed a unique monitoring system for the microclimate control of the bacteriological purity of the air. In addition, operation is fully computerized and equipped with a telemedicine system.

Now, after an overhaul in the new about oncosurgery center for 180 beds can hold about 7.5 thousand operations per year. The key for the clinic will be conducting microsurgical operations, including the most dangerous malignant tumors of the head and neck that were not previously likely to leave the patient’s recovery.

Currently under development of design-estimate documentation for capital repairs of the building № 7. It is planned to place offices of chemotherapy, Onco-urology, Coloproctology, angiographic, operating as well as operating unit and intensive care unit. Repair work is expected to begin in 2020.

In yet another building on the hospital grounds is planned to accommodate the new Oncology center (outpatient cancer care) for residents of CAO. Housing until recently was occupied by the Moscow city Fund of obligatory medical insurance.

The oldest cancer hospital of Moscow

City clinical oncological hospital № 1 — one of the oldest specialized Moscow clinic. Cancer hospital was organized in 1946 on the territory of present-day Basmanny district. Then he was head of the Oncology institution in the capital (Oncology dispensary № 1). It was presented by outstanding specialists, oncologists Samuel Mintz, Boris Petrovsky, Yuri Grisman and others.

In the years 1968-1977 for the Oncology center has built two medical buildings. And in 1981, the institution was transferred to the city clinical hospital № 48 address: Volochaevskaya street, the house 36. In 2016, its members entered the city hospital No. 56. In November 2018, the institution was renamed the municipal clinical oncological hospital № 1.

Now the clinic has 660 beds. The head building is located at the address Baumanskaya street, house 17/1. Here are the outpatient clinic, Department of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and outpatient follow-up.

In branch № 1 on the Country roads are therapeutic and about oncosurgery corps. In 2019 in building # 8 on Country roads moved divisions for cancer, which was formerly housed in building 36 on Volochaevskaya street. Thus, the branch concentrated all surgical treatment of malignant tumors.

In branch № 2 (1st schipkovsky pereulok, 19) are divisions gynecological.

In the city clinical oncological hospital № 1 assist by key fields, such as cancers, tumors of the head and neck, skin, breast, esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, intestine and colon, lung and mediastinum (organs located in the pleural region). Surgical operations are performed as in the traditional way and with the use of minimally invasive techniques of laparoscopy. Annually in hospital is over six thousand operations to remove cancerous tumors.

Work at the hospital 1055 employees, including 274 doctor (16 doctors and 43 candidates of medical Sciences), 375 workers, nurses, 27 workers, nurses and other staff 379.

At the dispensary are composed of more than 30 thousand people. In 2018, the hospital was visited 194,2 thousand times. This includes the treatment of patients with malignant tumors (102,4 thousands) and cases of hospitalization (30,5 thousand).

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