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Source: City of Coventry

Published Friday, 13 December 2019

With under a month left to go until the consultation wraps up, make sure you share your views on the proposed changes to the Coventry Homefinder Policy.

A review of the current Coventry Homefinder Policy began in June, when the Council started consulting with Registered Providers (Housing Associations).

Whilst the Council no longer owns any housing itself, it is legally required to have a scheme that allocates social housing. The aim is that those with the greatest need for housing are prioritised. 

In Coventry, this policy is called the Coventry Homefinder Policy. 

As part of our continued consultation process, we have produced a survey to gather public feedback from residents and agencies in Coventry on our proposals. The survey is open until 3 January.  

Changes to Coventry Homefinder will aim to make the scheme less complicated and less time consuming for applicants and ensure properties that become available go to people assessed as in greatest need. 

We are proposing to change:  

  • Who can register on Coventry Homefinder. 
  • Who will receive priority within the ‘banding system’ in the future – including a reduction in the number of bands. 
  • How to apply and what supporting information will be needed. 

We will also be looking at: 

  • Changing the number of times people can refuse an offer of housing 
  • Ensuring that those registered are actively using Homefinder  
  • Changing how adapted properties are advertised-allocated, and 
  • Why and how bids are ‘skipped’. 

To take part in the consultation, visit

All consultation feedback will be reviewed and any necessary changes to the draft policy will be made. 

The revised Coventry Homefinder Policy will then be presented to the Council’s Cabinet in early 2020 for approval. The implementation of the revised policy is expected to be no later than autumn 2020.  

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