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Source: Government of Ukraine

Minister of Cabinet of Ministers Dmytro Dubilet is assured that members of the Government, who approve important decisions for the country with budgets worth hundreds of millions of dollars every day, must have decent wages to avoid corruption. This was stated at a briefing.

“We are in a very unique situation now – the new ministers are not corrupt. And even opposition and opposition media outlets agree with it. Really these are officials, who are living on salary, or in some cases live on their own savings”, Dmytro Dubilet stated.

The Minister stressed that earlier representatives of authorities have officially received several thousand hryvnias, but received tens and hundreds of millions of dollars under shadow schemes or received salaries “in an envelope”.

“At present, we have a situation where there are no shadow or corruption schemes, and it is fair to say that people who approve decisions regarding budgets worth tens and hundreds of millions of hryvnia every day and who receive attractive offers, including from financially industry groups, should have income that will allow to aside from such offers,” Dmytro Dubilet emphasized.

Herewith he stressed that, of course, these cannot be very large payments: “But this income should be, if not the same as in private sector, but at least comparable.”

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