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Source: European Parliament

The very title of the report – ‘A European high-speed rail network: not a reality but an ineffective patchwork’ – clearly pinpoints the huge problems surrounding rail infrastructure policy. For example, criticism is levelled inter alia at the lack of realistic long-term planning and of cost-benefit analyses. Particularly as regards safeguarding the environment and local communities, and the importance of high-performance infrastructure for the economy as a whole, this state of affairs can only be described as abysmal.

What tangible measures has the Commission taken to date in order to take account of the conclusions of the above-mentioned report?

What tangible measures has the Commission taken overall, since the report was published, in order to speed up the development of a high-performance high-speed rail network?

Has the Commission been working on a realistic long-term plan for European rail infrastructure, or is it still doing so, as is called for in the report?

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