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Source: European Parliament

According to the Communication on the European Green Deal, in 2020 new policies and measures will be announced for the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity and for achieving a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.

A public consultation is currently taking place to prepare the National Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy 2021-2027 (NSP) in Greece. The consultation is based on the legislative proposals for the future CAP presented in 2018.

The ‘Farm to Fork Strategy’, the EU biodiversity strategy 2030 and the zero pollution action plan will be announced too late for them to be fully taken into account in the preparations for and consultation about the NSP. As European farmers are key players in managing the transition to more sustainable food systems and in the conservation and restoration of ecosystems, can the Commission say:

How will it coordinate the timing of the announcement of the new strategies next year and the public consultation currently taking place in the Member States on the NSP?

What steps will be taken to ensure that the national strategic plans fully reflect the ambitions of the European Green Deal?

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