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Source: European Parliament

The EU Gender Action Plan (GAP) II contains objectives and indicators relating to funding, but it is our understanding that the Commission does not currently have systems in place to track this. This information is important both for the EU to monitor implementation of GAP II, and for taxpayers, for showcasing positive results and as evidence that the EU is contributing to the fundamental value of gender equality in its external financing.

The only known current indicator tracking allocations (not actual expenditure) is the OECD Gender Marker, but EU staff are reportedly not using it correctly, so it produces inaccurate, unusable data that do not reflect actual expenditure. What is the Commission doing to improve the ways of tracking expenditure on gender equality and to support women’s rights groups via OPSYS.

More specifically, in order to support our monitoring of GAP II implementation, please provide information for 2015 through 2019, by year and country in the Western Balkans region (including Kosovo), on how much money the Commission has spent on each of the following:

furthering women’s and girls’ rights;

furthering gender equality more generally;

supporting women’s rights organisations directly, as key drivers of change?

This information is crucial for measuring progress on GAP II, using this region as a case study.

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