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Source: European Parliament

According to the European Court of Auditors’ Special Report 20/2019, more than half of all border guards have at some point permitted people to cross borders without checking data in the information systems. The Court estimates that a total of EUR 600 million has been allocated from the EU budget for the establishment of security systems which cost approximately EUR 61.5 million per year.

The report reveals that, between October 2015 and September 2017, the five countries (including Italy) that had issued the most visas had carried out fewer visa checks at their respective borders than the number issued: almost 18 million visas had been issued in total, but the five countries in question had carried out fewer than 14 million checks in the information systems.


a difference of four million between the number of visas issued and the checks carried out is a worrying factor;

with freedom of movement within the Schengen area a fundamental principal, security at the external borders must be a priority;

no solution has been found to the migration crisis and terrorists have often infiltrated the EU posing as refugees.

Given this:

How does the Commission account for the discrepancy between the number of visas issued and the number checked?

What action will it take in this respect?

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